What Are The Longest Cycle Routes In The World?

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There are numerous long-distance bicycle routes that cover thousands of kilometers and give bikers the chance to discover other places and civilizations. Although, long bike trips might be a little overwhelming for many riders. These are multi-day excursions that need a lot of preparation and time.  But it’s an excellent approach to unlocking your cycling … Read more

How Many Bicycles Are In The World?

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Cycling is a healthy, environmentally friendly, and practical method to get around traffic on a congested commute. For more than a century, people have utilised bicycles for transportation, leisure, and sports. Many individuals use them as their main form of transportation because they are an economical and ecologically beneficial method to travel. Bicycles continue to … Read more

The Best Bicycle Routes In Australia For Beach And Outback Adventures

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Australia offers some of the world’s top cycling routes. The Southern Ocean and the rugged beach are breathtakingly visible from Victoria’s famed path. When reviewing the top bicycle routes in Victoria, one cannot overlook The Great Ocean Road, Australia’s most spectacular drive. Imagine uninterrupted views of the cliffs, ocean, and rainforest for 664 kilometres (412 … Read more

10 Best Bike Tour Companies In Europe

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Europe is popularly known as the origin of bicycles, while the specific location is disputed (the French believe it was a Frenchman who invented it, the English claim it was an Englishman, and the Scots also make a claim). Europe has a strong cycling culture, making it one of the top locations for a tour … Read more

The Best Ways To Carry Cargo on Your Bicycle

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Utilizing a bike as your primary mode of transportation requires a few modifications to maximize comfort and minimize time spent lugging an overweight backpack or pedaling to the house with shopping bags slung over the handlebars. There are many various ways to turn an everyday bike into a workhorse that won’t break the bank or … Read more

A Guide To Cycling Etiquette: Rules Of The Road

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The number of cyclists in larger cities is growing steadily. You’re likely to ride alongside a lot of cyclists these days, especially during rush hour. Therefore, you must follow the rules of good cycling etiquette.  Conflicts between cyclists and motorists have existed since the beginning of human history. While many of these “misunderstandings” can have … Read more