The Best Bicycle Routes In Australia For Beach And Outback Adventures

Australia offers some of the world’s top cycling routes. The Southern Ocean and the rugged beach are breathtakingly visible from Victoria’s famed path. When reviewing the top bicycle routes in Victoria, one cannot overlook The Great Ocean Road, Australia’s most spectacular drive. Imagine uninterrupted views of the cliffs, ocean, and rainforest for 664 kilometres (412 miles). Although the main road is paved, there are numerous mountain bike trails and attractive seaside towns to explore. There may be a lot of traffic, but there are also a lot of quiet roads and trails in the region.both beach and outback adventures are available.

The best thing is that Australia’s gorgeous areas are free of the usual traffic found at other top-tier riding attractions, making them even more ideal for bicycle exploration. Locals prefer the beaches and the bike-friendly city streets, but there is an entire nation of unexpected bike routes waiting to be discovered. If you prefer solitude, there are large, open roadways that span the country and are home to just the native fauna. Or, if you’d prefer a beach setting, you can tour the entire eastern shore. All you need to do is pack your lycra because we’ve listed Australia’s top cycling destinations for your convenience.

Here are some of the best bicycle routes in Australia for those seeking beach and outback adventures:

1. Great Ocean Road: 

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The Victoria’s famous route gives breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean and the rocky shoreline. The Great Ocean Road, Australia’s most picturesque road trip, must be mentioned while discussing Victoria’s best cycling routes. Imagine continuous clifftop, coastline, and rainforest views for 664 kilometres (412 miles). Although the main road is cemented, there are mountain bike paths scattered throughout and charming beach towns that are worth visiting. Although there may be a lot of traffic, the area also has many peaceful roads and trails.

2. Region of Adelaide Hills:

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Travelling on two wheels is an excellent means to appreciate the different landscapes of the Adelaide Hills, from difficult world-class mountain biking to family-friendly cycle routes.

The Adelaide Hills provide difficult ascents for experienced climbers, particularly the well-travelled path from the tollgate, past Eagle On the Hill, via Crafers, and to the summit of Mount Lofty. Riders can access the peaceful Mount Barker Road with its breath-taking views that stretch to the coast from the tollgate by moving gently down a separate pavement next to the South-Eastern Freeway. Also worth checking out are the well-known Eagle Mountain Bike Park and the Amy Gillett Bikeway, formerly known as the Adelaide Hills Rail Trail.

3. Within Sydney:

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Although you may have only seen Sydney Harbour in photographs, riding beside its renowned turquoise waters is a fantastic way to experience it firsthand. One of the most well-known harborside tracks is the Bay Run, which is tucked away in the Inner West of the city. Sydneysiders of all ages can be seen at this neighbourhood hub walking, running, rowing, and, yes, cycling their way around the 7-kilometre (4.3-mile) circular ride. In Sydney’s East’s gorgeous Centennial Park is another well-liked bicycle route. You won’t ever feel out of place at this annual destination for nearly 700,000 riders. With smooth roads and a separate bike path, this enclosed, 3.7-kilometer (2.3-mile) circular track is especially ideal for family cycling outings. You may immediately rent bicycles at the park.

4. Queensland:

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The MTB World Championships have twice been held in Smithfield, a suburb of the tropical city of Cairns. A more recent maze of top trails has been constructed around an intersection at Atherton, high above, on the cooler Tablelands terrain. The Triple-R, the oldest mountain bike race in Australia, carries participants from the Tablelands to Port Douglas’ beach, while the Crocodile Trophy, a yearly 10-day, 1200km stage race in North Queensland, is one of the toughest MTB competitions in the world. Mountain bikers from Brisbane travel further south to the Mt. Coot-tha Forest routes.

5. Royal National Park:

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The Royal National Park, an hour south of Sydney, is another well-known riding haven. There are possibilities for all skill levels over the 70 kilometres (43.5 miles) of lush, gum tree-lined lanes that wind through Australia’s first natural reserve. Manly Dam Mountain Track, if you’re searching for a mountain biking experience, is a short track, at about 10 kilometres (just over 6 miles), but the challenging terrain, swooping twists, and drop-offs make it a terrific experience for everyone.

6. The Southern Highlands:

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With its undisturbed wilderness, rolling hills, and diverse animals, New South Wales’ Southern Highlands is a unique area of the world as well. A 1.5-hour journey from either major city, it is situated halfway between Canberra and Sydney. There are several route alternatives, like the Best of Bowral and Bong Bong Track, that offer enough easy hills to climb.

The Oodnadatta Track:

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The 620-kilometre-long Oodnadatta Track is a famous outback route that encourages people to go on a voyage of adventure, discovery, and creative thought. A tough outback trip with the chance to view rare wildlife and Aboriginal culture is available on this ancient South Australian circuit.


There are several wonderful bicycle routes in Australia; these are just a few. There is definitely a route that suits your needs, whether you’re seeking a coastal experience or an outback one. Tell us, will you cycle along some of the routes we listed above?

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