Best Cycling Glasses Prescription Guide For You

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Nothing is better than getting on the road and taking an hour-long bike ride. Of course, a lot of barriers could prevent enjoyment. From roadside debris and potholes to pedestrians and other drivers. Before you get on the road, you must take the appropriate safety measures. The ideal way to achieve this is by making … Read more

How Long On A Bike Equals 10,000 Steps?

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How long can I ride my bike to equal 10,000 steps? This has been a reoccurring question from fitness enthusiasts and bicycle lovers. Several people and health experts, consider that walking 10,000 steps a day is beneficial for your health and should be the goal if you are striving for an optimal lifestyle. And we … Read more

The Most Common Bike-Fitting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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For a number of reasons, correct bike fitting is compulsory when it comes to cycling.  A safe, effective, and enjoyable cycling experience depends on proper bike fitting. Unfortunately, many people commit frequent bike fitting mistakes that jeopardize these objectives. The following are some of the common bike fitting mistakes and tips on how to avoid … Read more

How Do I Create A Cycling Route?

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Creating a route for cyclists may be a fun and gratifying activity. Having a bike route can lead you to interesting new locations in addition to being a fantastic way to keep active. To see new scenery, you can either explore your neighborhood or travel beyond. You can design a bicycle route that is specific … Read more

The Best Time Of The Day To Cycle

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When is the best time of the day for me to cycle? Should I cycle in the morning or the afternoon, or the evening? This is a question that hundreds of cyclers ask all the time and are usually confused about the right thing to do.  Sometimes we get so caught up with our work … Read more

What Side Of The Road Should Bicycles Ride On?

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Which side of the road bicycles should be driven on depends on the specific traffic laws and regulations of the country or region you are in. Many countries, including the United States, Canada, and the majority of the European Union, require bicycles to be driven on the right side of the road in the same … Read more

Can A Woman Cycle A Man’s Bike? 

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YES!!! Women can ride men’s bikes. Now let me explain. You’ve taken an interest in cycling, you want to buy a bike and go online to search for the features of a bicycle to consider before buy, and then you get there and begin to see that there are bikes meant for men and women. … Read more

What Is A Good Age To Get A Bike?

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Getting a bike is one thing a lot of people get excited about. Be it for recreation, adventure, keeping fit, touring, or whatever other reason, the thought of its endless possibilities and outcome is always exciting. Riding is always very fun so far no one gets hurt, so everyone, even a child of 3 and … Read more