What Is A Good Age To Get A Bike?

Getting a bike is one thing a lot of people get excited about. Be it for recreation, adventure, keeping fit, touring, or whatever other reason, the thought of its endless possibilities and outcome is always exciting. Riding is always very fun so far no one gets hurt, so everyone, even a child of 3 and an old man of 70 seems to want a bike too.

But then, when is a good age to get a bike?

This is one question parents ask before stepping into the bike shop, or an adult that just wants to start riding. I’m I too old to ride a bike? What age should my kid be allowed to start riding? Is it safe to ride at this age? 

Well, this article will help answer the questions you may have about age and getting a bike. 

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First, you need to note that there is no right or wrong age to get a bike. If a kid of 1 year can start learning to ride then the parents can as well get him or her a bike. 

So, here are a few tips on when it is the right age for you to get a bike;

1. Physical And Cognitive Development

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Getting a bike depends on your physical and cognitive development as well as your experience with bikes. Anyone from the age of 1 can begin learning how to ride a bike, depending on the person or child’s cognitive development, and so far the person is physically strong enough to handle the bike meant for their age bracket and can maneuver it without stress then you can go ahead and buy a bike regardless of your age.

2. Your Experience With Bike

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Regardless of your age, you don’t need a bike if you do not know how to ride. Your experience with bikes is the biggest criterion for buying a bike even before your age. First, have an experience of riding and learn how to ride a bike, then you can buy a bike.

3. Your Confidence To Ride

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Most people; both adults and kids have a fear of getting behind any wheel and riding with other people on the road or path. If this is you, then you need to put a hold on buying a bike first, regardless of your age, and take care of this by getting rid of your fear before walking into the bike store to get a bike. 

4. When You Can Afford It

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Unless it’s a kid you a buying a bike for, if you are an adult or teenager the right age to get a bike is when you can afford it. It’s one thing to buy a bike, it’s another thing to maintain it which will also cost money once in a while. Get a bike when you are financially able to cater to the needs owning a bike will bring to your doorstep. 

5. When You’ve Been Able To Differentiate Your Want From Your Need

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Do you desire to buy a bike because you just want it or because you need one? There is nothing wrong if you want a bike, and not necessarily because you need it for something, but then you need to come to the age when you know the difference between these 2 things as it will help you more with your reason and budgeting before you have to walk down to the nearest bike shop.

As was stated earlier, getting a bike does not have any good age or wrong age, it just needs your experience and a few other necessary things. Once you’ve been able to deal with them, then you can go ahead a get a bike even if you are 2 years old or 80 years old. 

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