10 Best Gravel Bike Shoes

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Gravel bike shoes are specialised cycling shoes with characteristics of both road cycling shoes and mountain biking shoes that are made for cycling over mixed terrain. These shoes are designed specifically to meet the rigours of riding on gravel roads, dirt trails, and uneven terrain. Gravel bike shoes should have a rigid sole, cleat compatibility, … Read more

How to Put GPS Tracker On A Bicycle

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As cycling gains popularity for both commuting and recreational purposes, ensuring the safety and security of your bicycle becomes increasingly important. One effective way to safeguard your bike is by installing a GPS tracker. This device allows you to monitor your bicycle’s location in real-time, making it easier to recover in case of theft and … Read more

What Are The Gears On A Bike For And How To Use Them?

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It’s all too common to see people frantically or laboriously grinding their way along while struggling to even move their bikes. Life would be a little bit easier if these people used their equipment properly. The use of gears is one of those wonderful inventions that accelerates riding, makes it simpler to climb hills, and … Read more