Is It Better To Walk For An Hour Or Cycle For An Hour?

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Cycling and walking are two amazing forms of exercise, both of which generate significant health benefits. Choosing which one is better the 2 may come with looking at what each one of them is best at. The more pleasure derived from an activity should see participation increase.  Although there are certainly some obvious differences that … Read more

Why Your Bum Itches After Cycling

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Just like any other sport or recreational activity you may like and engage in, bicycle riding also has its unpleasant sides. These may not affect you, but they may affect someone else you know who loves cycling, and one of the most common ones is your butt itching after cycling.  Cycling for a long time … Read more

The Benefits Of Cycling For Asthma And Respiratory Health

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Asthma is known to be a deep-rooted respiratory condition that has affected and still affects millions of people universally. The condition is characterized by inflammation of the airways, which can cause shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness. Cycling has proven to be one of the best aerobic activities that provides countless benefits to … Read more

10 Cycling Benefits For Ladies

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What does cycling do to a woman’s body? One of the main objectives in life is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Are you sick of going to the gym to work out and want to find some other enjoyable hobbies that will keep you in shape? Why don’t you try cycling, though? Cycling is recognized … Read more

7 Spiritual Benefits Of Cycling You Need To Know

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A varied range of people have engaged in riding for more than 200 years. Bicyclists can compete in speed and endurance events, travel across the country, test their limits with terrain features and obstacles, conduct errands, and commute to work or school. How many people view cycling as a form of spiritual practice, despite the … Read more

What Happens If We Cycle Every Day?

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There is an unexplainable feeling you get from cycling. There is this rush of adrenaline and excitement it brings knowing that you have access to certain places where other vehicles can’t go while feeling the wind against your skin as you move along.  Cycling has a lot of benefits to the body and health which … Read more

Best Walmart Bicycles For Women

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Day by day, regardless of the different models of cars that pop up and upgrade every day more women, especially those in the urban area have fallen back to using bicycles. Not only does it help them beat traffic, but it’s also a form of exercise for women as every day they think of more … Read more

10 Best Walmart Bicycles For Men

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The Walmart brand for years has been dedicated to giving men that feeling of rush and adrenaline that they say is comparable only to the feeling of finally kissing your crush, that’s why they say some men love their bicycles over women. Some men no longer use their Walmart bicycles just for fun, but also … Read more