Best Walmart Bicycles For Women

Day by day, regardless of the different models of cars that pop up and upgrade every day more women, especially those in the urban area have fallen back to using bicycles. Not only does it help them beat traffic, but it’s also a form of exercise for women as every day they think of more ways of losing weight while being hurdled up in their daily activities and working to make a living.

Cycling has proven to be a great way for women to build some physical activity into their lives, thus improving their overall health and fitness

Perhaps women’s favorite thing about cycling is the sense of adventure and exploration that comes with it. Bikes help gain access to breathtaking views through trails and areas that cars can’t reach.  

And because of these, this article is to help women know the 10 best Walmart bicycles to look out for or shop for when they next plan on getting a bicycle at a Walmart store. 

1. 26″ Charleston Cruiser Bike

charleston cruiser
Photo by ebay

If you are looking for classy while also searching for adventure, then the 26″ Charleston cruiser bike is the one for you. With its clean and classy finish, it is made with a sturdy steel frame. Comfortable upright riding position and soft padded seat that will make you almost forget you are riding a bicycle. It has an easy foot-operated coaster brake and barefoot-friendly pedals.

This two-wheeler comes with fenders and a basket for all your stuff. The Charleston Cruiser has a stylish package at an affordable price.

2. Schwinn Network 6c Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Network 6c Hybrid Bike

One thing every woman won’t trade for anything is comfortability. With its 21 speeds, small 14-inch women’s style frame, 700c wheels, alloy hybrid frame, and suspension fork for a smooth ride it is perfect for a smooth ride around the neighborhood and during your morning errands.

Offering front and rear derailleurs that help precise gear changes, alloy linear pull brakes that deliver exceptional stopping power, the suspension seat post and swept back handlebar for the comfortable riding position, as well as a Schwinn hybrid elastomer spring saddle and ergonomic grips to add extra comfort at contact points. 

3. Huffy 24 Inch Carlisle Girls Comfort Cruiser Beach Bike

Huffy 24 Inch Carlisle Girls Comfort Cruiser Beach Bike
Photo by Walmart

This bike is perfect for casual and recreational riders. It gives the perfect relaxation with its comfortable saddle as you take on a fun ride. With a front basket, cup holder, and phone holder this bike is set to give you a smooth ride for as long as you would have it.

Its raised handlebar allows you to ride in an upright riding position. Being a single-speed bike, your legs can extend forward while pedaling, and that eliminates wrist, arm, neck, or leg fatigue. Its added advantage includes the quick seat adjustment quick-release binder clip that makes it easy to adjust the seat height as needed.

4. Oukaning Adult Folding Bike

Photo by Amazon

This 7 Speed Gears Carbon Steel Double V Brake foldable bike with front and rear wheels enable you to enjoy your ride even on rainy days. The fantastic thing about this bike is that it is suitable for both kids and adults and also suitable for roadways, mountains, and racing. 

Having a 20 Inch tire size, this bike proves to be more reliable at any time of the day. It is equipped with a highly sensitive double brake system that will always guard your riding safety while also being designed with less labor so that you won’t feel fatigued easily.

5. Huffy Parkside Women’s Comfort Bike 

Photo by Walmart

This bike will literarily be the most comfortable bike you will ever ride. The Huffy Parkside provides a natural riding position for your shoulders, back, arms, and legs. It is equipped with 7-speed twist shifting that is perfect to handle bike paths, hills, and city streets, and linear-pull brakes that react quickly when needed.

The saddle combines dense padding and springs for a stay-comfortable ride. Its grips are enhanced with rims alloy to be more natural for the hands while the pedals have dense material for comfortable pedaling.

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6. Susan G. Komen 700c Courage Road Women’s Bike

susan g
Photo by Walmart

This hybrid bicycle is the perfect blend of road bikes and comfort bikes. The Susan G. Komen is built with a sturdy steel frame, a high-profile alloy wheelset, a comfy springer-style saddle, reliable linear-pull brakes, and a dependable 21-speed drivetrain.

You can always rely on its front and rear alloy linear pull-hand brakes to always keep your speed in check.

7. Decathlon Btwin Riverside

btwin riverside 920 riding 2
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This Decathlon bicycle offers real quality and comfort on a budget. With its different front and rear-mounted child bike seats, it is the best for young mothers with kids looking to have some fun or recreation. For a bike with a quality build, available in 3 different sizes to fit a very wide range of heights (4’11” to 6’1″) it offers a comfortable ride for an unbeatable price.

It has thinner “hybrid tires” that roll smoothly on the pavement and at the same time offer less cushioning than wider tires.

8. Priority Classic Plus – Gotham

Priority Classic Plus – Gotham
Photo by gear patrol

The Priority Classic Plus Gotham Edition is perfect for so many activities without breaking a sweat from worry; From long family bike rides to quick commutes around town, it offers a smooth ride with almost no maintenance. This bike has been built to withstand the ups and downs of city riding.

With its 3-speed, it keeps shifting super simple, while still giving you the flexibility to climb moderate hills or race flat roads. Its amazingness doesn’t end here as it offers both a women’s step-through and men’s diamond frame so you can choose according to your preference or height restrictions and also a rear child bike seat for your kids.

9. REI Co-Op Cycles CTY 1.1

Photo by bikeride

The REI Co-Op Cycles CTY 1.1 is more of a “fitness” bike than a hybrid bike as it allows its rider to exert more force on the pedals and really pound away on the pedals for a great workout.

With 21 gears, the gearing range of this two-wheeler helps you to regularly tackle tough elevation gains. Its handlebars and stem are perfect for women as they are a bit lower and flatter than other women’s hybrid bikes. 

10. Electra Townie 7D

Electra Townie 7 full bike
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Though a high-maintenance bike with dual handbrakes and no coaster brake, the Electra Townie women’s bike is the ultimate bike for comfortable cruising and is especially ideal for timid riders. Unlike traditional bikes, the Townie allows the rider to position the saddle lower to the ground so that they can touch the ground with their entire foot when starting and stopping the bike. As a result, the Townie is noticeably easier to start and stop for timid riders.

It has 7 speeds which gives you much more flexibility in climbing hills than most women’s cruiser bikes with just one speed. This allows the rider to get a full extension with each pedal stroke by pushing in a more forward direction, instead of straight down. 

Biking will always be one form of exercise women will never stop or get tired of because of its numerous advantages apart from it also being a means of transport and recreation. So if you must buy one, choose one from these best bicycles when next you stop at Walmart. 

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