The Best Bike Trails In the USA For Epic Scenery And Adventure

The USA is known for several amazing things, and one of them is that it is home to some of the most incredible bike trails in the world. One thing every cyclist craves more than anything whenever they get on their bike is an adventure. Cycling is a great way to see the world and appreciate its amazing scenery which you wouldn’t see on a normal day while driving down the road. It brings out the giddiness and exploration mood you never knew you had.

It’s no wonder that several countries, especially the United States of America have some of the best bicycle trails in the world.

Interested in going on an adventure or taking a bicycle tour? We have a list of some of the best bike trials in the US to recommend for you that will guarantee you have a swell time and set a time of the year when you achieve this and look forward to all the time.

Some of the best bike trails in the USA includes;

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1. Highway One Bike Trail, California

highway 1

Cycling through Highway One bike trail located in California is one of the best ways to take in the best views of California’s Pacific coastline. To explore this amazing place, map out a route between Carmel and Cambria that suits your skill level and sightseeing goals—Ragged Point and Hearst Castle are prime water-break spots—and cruise along the Cliffside road, with the surf crashing below. 

2. The Transamerica Bike Trail

TransAm Trail ChuckHaney

Running from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia, the Transamerica Bicycle Trail began in 1973 as the path for the Bike Centennial, a mass bicycle trip across the country from Alaska to Argentina. This was done as a way to commemorate America’s 200th birthday. The trail is 4,228 miles long and qualifies as a coast-to-coast route. Along the trail are the Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, rest spots, mountains, and many more sights to feed your eyes during your journey. 

3. The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes 

trail of coeur

Located in Idaho, USA, this bike trail is best for e-bike riders as it is paved and covers a total of 73 miles. Cutting through the trails are small towns, like Enaville, making it amazingly easy for you to stop by and recharge your batteries. Beginning at Mullan, and ending in Plummer, this trail takes you nearly across the state from the Washington border to the Montana border.

4. The Canyonlands National Park, Utah

canyonlands trail

The Canyonlands National Park, Utah US is every cyclist’s dream bike trail. With its intimidating networks of caves, rock formations, rivers, and trails you are in for the ride and adventure of your life which can also lead to self-awareness and discovery. 

5. The Mississippi River Bicycle Route

mississipi trail

Running from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to Venice, Louisiana, at the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River Bicycle trail includes 3,000 miles of bike and pedestrian routes. This gigantic trail follows paved highways for most of its length and was named one of 17 National Millennium Trails during President Bill Clinton’s presidency. 

A beautiful scenery for your ride is the Mississippi River Trail which runs alongside the Great River Road, a scenic byway established by the National Park Service that travels through ten states.  

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6. Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail 

monterey trail

Located in California, the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is a waterfront trail that is only 18 miles, which makes it a perfect quick ride for e-bike cyclers as it doesn’t require a recharge. It’s a rail-to-trail, meaning the trail follows what used to be a railway corridor. This trail takes you to sites like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Fisherman’s Wharf.

7. The Flume Bike Trail 

flume trail

Found at Lake Tahoe, anyone with a fear of height won’t be as keen on this amazing trail as it perched 1,600 ft above the blue waters of Lake Tahoe, but its incredible views are worth the jitters. Riders set off from Spooner Lake State Park just to climb the smooth canyon road up to Marlette Lake, as the Flume Trail is just at the top; 4.5 miles of single-track, providing breathtaking views of Sand Harbor and mountains.

8. Pacific Coast Bicycle Trail

pacific trail

The Pacific Coast Bicycle trail will take you through some of America’s most spectacular terrain, forcing you to encounter marine species like sea lions along the Pacific Coast Route. This trail begins at the Washington-Canada border, all the way to San Diego. The route is 1,848 miles long, but it can be extended further north to British Columbia and south to Mexico.

9. Banks-Vernonia State Trail 

Banks Vernonia state trail1

Located 30 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon, this RTC trail is a former railroad stretch that was reforested to create a 21-mile trail. Its beautiful scenery can be seen thanks to the old-fashioned train trestles along the way that will ensure you experience babbling brooks, tall trees, and chirping birds.

10. Lewis & Clark Bike Trail

Lewis Clark Trail ChuckHaney

The Lewis & Clark Trail is named after two adventurers who were tasked with inspecting and mapping the territory acquired in Jefferson’s Louisiana, and it traces their path from the Great Plains to the Pacific.

This path is 4,589 miles long, stretching from Hartford, Illinois, to Portland, Oregon. It is however, divided into eight sections, the first of which is 554 miles long and runs from Hartford to Council Bluffs. The Missoula, Montana to Clarkston, Washington section is the shortest at 245 miles. This trail will take you through various terrains, including rivers, mountains, and flatlands. 

These are only but a few of the so many biking trails scattered across the United States that gives you a chance to explore America’s natural beauty on two wheels. While you look forward to your next riding adventure, try one of these trails and thank us for it later.

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