The Best Bicycle Routes In Africa For Safari And Culture

Africa is a huge, diverse continent with stunning natural beauty and a strong cultural history. For cyclists getting ready for a bike tour, the continent is one of the few places in the world that is both thrilling and challenging.

Africa is well known for its outstanding mountainous topography, which offers great routes for travellers and sports enthusiasts, particularly thrill-seeking mountain bike riders, in addition to its distinctive cultures and undiscovered, gorgeous surroundings. Since most of the trails are unpaved, cyclists and travellers can experience an incredible mountain biking vacation in Africa.

The following are some of the best bicycle routes in Africa for safari and culture:

1. South Africa’s Garden Route:

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It extends all the way from Mossel Bay in Western Cape Town to Storms River in Eastern Cape Town. The Garden Route is surrounded by a variety of mountains, lakes, hills, and lagoons that are scattered along the coast, and it also boasts lush grass and geologically thick vegetation. The Garden Route is a great place for mountain cyclists because of the oceanic weather, which seldom drops below ten degrees (10°) in the winter and rarely rises beyond twenty-eight degrees (28°) in the summer. Cycling enthusiasts have a rare opportunity to see the true wilderness of Africa because to the trails’ unusual location in the center of the Indian Ocean and highlands.

2. Nalut, Libya:

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The Nalut district, also known as the mountain bike paradise, is centred between Ghadames City, which is located in the western portion of the Nafusa Mountains and Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. The area features extensive riding paths that wrap around enormous sand hills that stretch as far as the eye can see. Excellent weather with clear, blue skies and no humidity prevails in the area. This, along with the elevation, makes it the ideal location for mountain bikers. Additionally, this area is dotted with other wonderful tourist attractions, including the famed Ghadames, the extremely old Berber granaries, and a number of castles.

3. Atlas Mountains, Morocco:

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This strenuous but rewarding path leads you into the magnificent Atlas Mountains, where you may encounter customary Berber culture and take in amazing views of the untamed terrain.The Anti-Atlas range and the shoreline undergo an astonishing shift as the mountain rises in the west at the Atlantic Ocean before abruptly descending to the southwest. Many river systems, most of which flow all year round, are supported by the imposing Atlas Mountain. This has encouraged people to relocate there. These all-terrain paths wind across the region before climbing steeply up the mountains, crossing over the clear streams and extensive woodlands. The location is perfect for mountain bikers. Additionally, you can travel to ancient cities like Fez and Marrakech which are also along the way.

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe:

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This site is worth visiting for more than just the roaring cascade; it also has traditional marketplaces, enormous baobab trees, and fauna found in river-forest habitats. On a half-day guided bike safari, combine them all. Victoria Falls bike safaris are available year-round, weather permitting, and you can go early in the morning, before lunch, or later in the afternoon. They are set on easy, generally flat roads and pathways. If it’s going to be a hot day, go early; if it’s going to be cold, make the ride in the afternoon. Book when you get there after checking the weather. You can experience Victoria Falls’ majesty while bicycling down the Zambezi River and witness animals including elephants, lions, and giraffes in the national parks close by. The local culture can also be explored by visiting traditional communities.

5. Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater to Kilimanjaro:

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The tallest peak in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro, which rises 5895 meters above sea level and around 4900 meters from its base. It is located close to the Tanzania-Kenya border in northern Tanzania. The mountain, which is a part of the well-known Kilimanjaro National Park, is a great place for mountain bikers and hikers alike. The majority of safari companies in Tanzania constantly encourage their tourists to participate in the Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro Crater bike challenge, which gives cyclists the chance to ride for many kilometres while passing through various authentic African landscapes with Africa’s highest mountain serving as a backdrop. Additionally, cyclists travel through the traditional village communities where they have the opportunity to interact with the Maasai and other local residents.


There are actually many amazing bicycle routes in Africa that offer a combination of safaris and cultural experiences, and these are just a few that fall into this category. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, make sure to thoroughly research and consult with local experts when planning your journey, including the terrain, weather, and safety considerations for each route. 

Now, tell us. Do you plan on cycling in Africa?

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