What Is The Meaning Of A Bicycle Tour?

Looking for a way to unwind and visit new and interesting places? Then going on a bicycle tour might be the best decision you would have made in a long while. It is an incredible way to see the world. 

What then is a bicycle tour you may ask? Bicycle touring is simply taking cycling trips for pleasure, adventure, or autonomy rather than sport, commuting, or exercise. It can range from single-day trips to extended travels spanning weeks or months. It is a way of understanding an array of economic activities involving the bicycle.

These tours may be planned by the cycler or organized by a tourism business, local club, or organization.

There are different forms of bicycle touring you might want to take note of if you are considering going on a bike tour. Some of them include;

1. Organized Bicycle Tour

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An organized bicycle tour is one of the most visible forms of bicycle tourism, where a large number of cyclists and support crew travel through an area. 

2. Festival Bicycle Tour

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This particular form of bicycle tourism is a bicycle event or festival which draws visitors from out of town to another town to witness an event while cycling. Good examples are the Tour of California, which attracts spectators from around the state and country to watch world-class athletes perform. This event is attended by large amounts of beer. 

3. Long Distance Touring

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This form of bicycle tour is where cyclists load up their bikes with clothes and camping gear and ride down the Pacific Coast, across the country, and to all points within and beyond. 

4. Short Form Touring

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This is just the opposite of long-distance bicycle touring. These set of cyclists go on short-distance bicycle tours because they cannot take off for weeks or months at a time. This is the most popular amongst families as it is viable and economical. 

5. Destination Bicycling Tour

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This form of bicycle tourism is simply when particular features at a destination attract cyclists to an area. Places like Moab, UT, and Whistler, BC for mountain biking, and the Pacific Coast and the Blue Ridge Parkway for road biking, have cultivated a mystique that attracts cyclists annually from around the world. 

Going on a bicycle tour is never complete unless you have your full essentials as this will also make your trip exciting. Some of them to carry with you no matter how short the tour is included;

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  • Quality helmet
  • Proper riding gear
  • Proper luggage system
  • GPS for your bike
  • Ensure to carry spares and essential tools
  • A spare key
  • Necessary documents and accessories
  • Luggage cover and a lightweight raincoat

There are several amazing reasons why everyone should try bicycle touring even if its once in their lifetime, both young and old, and below are some of the reasons;

1. It Forces You To Travel Slowly

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This is the truest thing about bicycle touring. It forces you to travel slowly, and by doing this you’ll get to uncover things that others may miss. During a bicycle tour, you notice the fine details, you truly immerse yourself in your surroundings, and you meet locals of all the places you journey to.

2. It Forces You To Live A Minimalist 

While touring you carry only the essentials. You realize that you don’t need that extra pair of shoes or dress as you won’t want to carry loads up hills you may encounter during your tour. 

3. It’s An Eco-Friendly Way To Travel

Bicycle tours have little to no impact on the environment. Roughly 15% of carbon emissions come from transport such as cars, buses, trains, and aeroplanes. This means that bicycles have quite a significant impact on global warming. 

4. Freedom

Your bike can carry all your luggage – your tent, your cooking equipment, and your clothes. This means everything you need is packed onto your bike and you can simply go where the road takes you. You have the freedom to decide everything you want.

5. It’s fun

Although cycling is a method of transportation, it’s also fun. Cycling along the river and through poppy-ridden meadows on a sunny day provides serenity, whereas hurtling down mountain passes with the wind ruffling your hair provides some adrenaline-fueled fun.

6. Helps You Do Something Physically And Mentally Challenging

Having to navigate through a region and be self-sufficient can provide you with newfound feelings of independence and confidence. Not only can this, but scaling hills and tricky terrain teach you to overcome the hurdles you thought were probably impossible.

7. You Get To Try Something New

This is a huge part of touring by cycling. It allows you to challenge your way of thinking, discover different approaches to things and learn about new ideas. It also pushes you outside your comfort zone. 

8. Gets You Out Into Nature

While cycling, you’ll find yourself cycling through forests and meadows or along rivers and coastlines. Either way, you’ll get to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a lot of fresh air and beautiful sights. 

Bicycle touring can come in different shapes and forms. The most remarkable thing about bicycle tourism is that it can take place anywhere there is a place available to ride a bike. Unlike skiing or surfing, which are dependent on particular geographical features, people ride bikes on mountains, on quiet country roads, in cities, on beach paths, and even on snow. 

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