The Best Bicycle Routes In Europe For Scenic And Historic Rides

Literally, there is no fixed time of year to plan a cycling holiday. Cycling is a year-round activity, as most avid cyclists authenticate. However, cycling in a different environment is always more interesting and makes the journey more exciting and enjoyable. Cycle touring has many other benefits: being away from home allows participants to leave everyday distractions behind and focus on cycling and exploring, as well as enjoying time to relax in a new destination. Part of the adventure is the anticipation, which allows cycling enthusiasts to research their desired route and gives them time to purchase a trip that suits their needs, as well as ample time for training and preparation.

Europe has long been a popular cycling destination. Home to some of the world’s finest routes, offering excellent infrastructure and signage, all set in a stunning natural backdrop. 

The beauty of such routes is that cyclists are not confined to one country and can choose to follow routes that traverse several borders. Whatever the preference, there are numerous routes and destinations to choose from, with river valleys, mountain climbs, and stunning coastlines – something to suit every taste and cycling ability. 

The following are some of the best bicycle routes in Europe.

1. Baltic Coast Cycle Path.

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This route is located Along the Baltic Sea, starting in Flensburg and ending in Usedom.

That’s about 8,000 km (5,000 miles) 

April to October is the best time of year to ride along this route.

Discovering the Baltic Sea by bike is an amazing and inspiring way to experience the Baltic Sea, but for cycling enthusiasts, EuroVelo 10 is definitely on the Baltic Sea bucket list. It follows the entire Baltic Sea coast from Germany to Denmark Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden. There are national parks, beautiful cities, and historic towns, not to mention pristine white sandy beaches where you can stop, kick off your shoes, and take a refreshing dip. It’s a huge and demanding undertaking that can take months, but if you’re an avid cyclist, it’s worth the once-in-a-lifetime trip. If you don’t have the time to invest, the shorter 250-kilometre route in Germany from Lübeck to Stralsund is pleasant and easy to drive. The route between Finland and Russia can be cold and snowy, so a fat bike is a good alternative.

2. Cornish Coastal Way. 

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This is located in Cornwall, England. 

Its length is about 110 km (68 miles) and the best time to travel this route is from spring to early autumn. 

Coastal paths like the Cornish Coastal Way in England are famous for a reason. Not only do they offer expansive sea views and quaint coastal villages perfect for honing your photography skills, but they also serve up delicious seafood that’s worth a day’s bike ride. Begin your journey in Bode, near the Devon county line, and follow the north-west Cornish coast  along coastal roads and rocky paths to Land’s End, passing places such as the fishing community of 

Padstow and the cliff-top town of Newquay. Stop to see glorious sunsets and soaring cliffs, and enjoy a fish and chip lunch between trips. 

For a longer and slightly more challenging hike, take the 288-mile Cornish Way Trail, which starts and ends at the same points but also heads inland via Truro and Bodmin. 

3. Danube cycle path.

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The location starts in Passau and ends in Vienna alongside the Danube river. Its length is approximately 654 km I.e 406 miles. Best travel time is from April to September.

On the paths of Europe’s second longest river trail and through 10 countries, the Danube Cycle Path is undoubtedly the cycle tour of a lifetime. But it’s also easy, the route is well-developed and flat for the most part, especially on the west side, and there’s a lot to see. It is so easy that many families with children visit its sections, the most popular of which range from Passau in Germany to Vienna in Austria. Take your time as there are many places to visit: old castles, beautiful churches, and old villages to name a few. If you’re looking for an easy day trip, start in Passau, Germany, and continue to the charming city of Budapest. Swim in the lakes, learn about history, and taste wine along the way. If you’re up for a challenge, add 1,390 km (870 miles) to your trip and discover Croatia, Serbia, and Romania. 


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The route was drawn by engraver Erwin Sikkens in 2021. The Green Divide route runs 585 km through the Netherlands, making it the longest natural crossing in the country. 

The route is divided into two different sections. The first part of the route is called the Heuvelrug Divide. It takes you through the central areas of the country, mostly on dirt roads, with campsites in the extremely scenic surroundings of Ede. The other half of the route, the Veluwe Divide, runs from Sonsbeekpark in the north through the city parks to the Veluwe, where you ride mainly on forest roads with occasional sand strips. There are many better ways to see the Netherlands.


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The road connects three countries ; Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. Its distance is about 123 km. 

Parenzana is a beautiful bike path that connects Trieste in Italy and Porec in Croatia. It contains a  lot of landscapes and a journey through three countries for an incredibly easy distance –  just a few kilometers to 125 km. 

The route meanders along the narrow-gauge railway that operated in the years 1902-1935. Highlights include beautiful vineyards and hilltop villages along the way, stunning coasts (sea views are never far away) including  47km to Slovenia, and loads of history that will take you back in time. It’s a great trip for anyone who loves good food, good wine, and good weather. Thanks to the length, favorable terrain, and temperature, it is one of the best cycling routes in Europe for children and families. 

6. The wild atlantic way, Ireland. 

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Located approximately 2500km away in Ireland,

If you are looking for a long-distance route through Ireland, look no further. The Wild Atlantic Way runs  2,500km along the west coast of Ireland, from the island’s most northerly point, County Donegal,  through seven other counties before reaching County Cork in the south. Fanan Head in Donegal has miles of golden beaches and Sliabh Liag is the highest accessible sea cliff in Europe. 

County Galway is famous for its oysters and stunning sea views, while County Clare is home to the Cliffs of Moher and is called the Garden of Ireland for a reason. County Kerry is home to Ireland’s highest mountains and the best hiking trails. 


There are many amazing experiences across Europe. Whichever route you choose, a bike tour in Europe is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Have you tried cycling across Europe? How did it go?

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