The Benefits of Cycling For The Environment

The benefits of cycling in the environment are underrated. Amsterdam is one of those cities that should be an example for others when it comes to cycling. We’re sure you want to know why.

Do you know that there are more bikes than people in the city of Amsterdam, Europe? About 811,000 residents own about 880,000 bicycles. Now you know.

Cycling is a big responsibility. In places with heavy traffic, there is always a serious risk of accidents. Therefore, you must follow the safety rules that will help prevent injuries and accidents. For example, you must always wear a helmet and obey the Highway Code.

A lot of people in other parts of the world go to work by car or motorbike. People are constantly using various oil-consuming vehicles to go to places that are not so far away. Regardless, bicycling doesn’t have to be worrisome. There are lots of advantages that will encourage you to settle for a bike more frequently. Six of them are essential and we will be highlighting them here.

1. It eliminates air pollution.

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Japanse senior cyclists racing

Changing our harmful habits will bring us nearer to making our lives additionally environmentally friendly. The foremost thing we will get from bike riding is the elimination of air pollution. Many people use the car several times a day. Specifically, we get in the car at least twice: when we drive to work and when we have to go home. When we pick the kids up from school or take a detour to go shopping, that number can be much higher. On the other hand, the car uses minimal fossil fuels. This makes the bicycle an environmentally friendly means of transport. If you swap your car for a bike every time you go to work, you save around £3,000 in greenhouse gas emissions every year. Imagine if every person on this planet would do the same. Planet Earth would be a much healthier place.

2. Improve your health.

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We told you about the environmental benefits of cycling. Nonetheless, every person on this planet can also enjoy some personal benefits. Cycling is often associated with better physical health. This habit improves mental and emotional health. Improve balance and posture, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, and overall mood. You can also get out and get some fresh air while cycling. The personal health benefits of cycling are numerous.

3. It lessens noise pollution.

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group of people riding bicycles in the morning in the city forest

Noise is hardly thought of when it comes to cars except if you live on a humming street. Replacing driveways with bike lanes will make your neighborhood more peaceful for everyone to enjoy. The rush of cars causes noise pollution. These eerie sounds pollute the environment, harming ecosystems and causing human health problems.  Replacing noisy vehicles with quiet motorcycles results in less engine noise and less congestion, which is conducive to a healthier environment.

4. Eliminates destruction of nature.

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A lot of families around the world only have one car. However, the average number of vehicles per household in the states is 1.88. This means that some households have more than one car in the garage. Imagine how many cars there are in places like Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, Chicago, etc. If the number of cars on the roads keeps increasing, we will have to build new roads. In these cases, of course,  the green areas suffer the most. Why should we replace beautiful parks with roads? When we all start cycling there will be a lot more green space.

5. Reduction of non-renewable fuels burned.

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Would you believe that the United States consumed about 20.5 million barrels of oil a day? The two most common types of oil used, are diesel and petrol.  Can you imagine how much oil we use per day today? Luckily, cyclists make a huge contribution to reducing fuel consumption. Analytically, the entire planet Earth would benefit from it.

6. Elimination of crowd/parking problems.

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The image of streets full of bicycles is idealistic. Every driver knows the feeling of being stuck in a traffic jam. We get anxious and are often on the verge of an accident.  Another positive effect of cycling is that the number of accidents is expected to decrease because cyclists become less impatient.  Even city dwellers know how difficult it is to hear traffic noise early in the morning. You can barely sleep well. Living in such an environment can lead to mental and health problems. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Logically, it is not always possible to move to a quieter place. So – let’s make urban places peaceful with bikes!

In conclusion :

All in all, there are countless reasons why cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly activity – plus it’s a lot cheaper than driving as long as it is in good maintenance.

Tell us, will you start cycling actively?

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