10 Best Bike Tour Companies In Europe

Europe is popularly known as the origin of bicycles, while the specific location is disputed (the French believe it was a Frenchman who invented it, the English claim it was an Englishman, and the Scots also make a claim). Europe has a strong cycling culture, making it one of the top locations for a tour on two wheels and there are a great number of bike tour companies in Europe that will give you all you needed from a tour operator.

For taking the time to travel in such a refined way, the locals will not only respect you on the road but also welcome you in the pub, tavern, or café. Choosing a tour is never simple, and selecting our best 10 tour companies around the world for 2023 wasn’t any easier with over 150 cycling excursions available in 27 European countries! 

Do you like using a bicycle to travel to new places? Combining the two is an option. There are many excellent bike tour organizations that offer options for varied budgets, hobbies, fitness levels, and children’s ages if you’ve been daydreaming about your family touring Europe on two wheels. 

One of the major benefits of taking a trip like this is that parents are not responsible for organizing and overseeing the logistics. These vacations are all about relaxing and being immersed in the history and culture of the place you are visiting.

1. BikeTours

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The family-friendly 3- and 4-star lodging, luggage transportation between hotels, bike rentals and helmets, self-guided excursions, and daily breakfast are just a few of the alternatives that this cost-conscious tour operator provides for families traveling to Europe. If you’re concerned about traffic, you can plan your route to stay on designated bike lanes.

2. Butterfield and Robinson

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Consider spending lavishly on a cycling ride. This tour operator offers a fully equipped support vehicle, three meals per day, bike rentals, plus extra leisure activities. This reputable business has been providing active and genuinely opulent luxury bike vacations for more than 50 years. Different age groups are accommodated on different itineraries during the family bike trips.

3. Backroads

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This well-known tour operator (founded in 1979) offers a large selection of family-only Europe bike tours of varying challenges and interests, making it another high-end bike tour to take into account if you’re searching for a luxury experience. For older children and teens, certain sports have multi-sport add-ons.

4. Austin Adventures

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You can anticipate a more manageable cost and mid-range lodgings with a tour company like Austin Adventures. Since its establishment in 2000, this renowned business has earned a reputation as a reliable option for families seeking to combine an athletic riding trip with a memorable cultural experience.

5. Ciclismo Classico

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Ciclismo Classico, a cycling boutique and tour operator since 1988, is renowned for offering distinctive and genuine bike trips that incorporate culture, gastronomy, and history.

6. Exodus Travels

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Adventure travel is something that Exodus has always loved. Their excursions include cycling and walking treks that take in amazing wildlife encounters and breathtaking scenery. Additionally, they offer family-friendly adventure trips, multi-activity vacations, and seasonally appropriate getaways for skiers. This is one of the top travel places throughout the world that offers remarkable experiences.

7. Intrepid travel

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International tour and travel company Intrepid Group Limited operates under the following brands: Intrepid Travel. Peregrine Journeys. Urban Explorations.

They strive to achieve the ideal balance between pricing and service for your tours since they believe that all bikers require a strong sense of balance. Without being unduly exclusive or pricey, they wish to offer their clients the greatest accommodations and services possible.

8. SpiceRoads tour

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A bicycle trip with SpiceRoads is led by professionals. They constantly improve their services and itineraries in an effort to provide the best tours they can. They uphold a high standard of service and pay close attention to every detail on each of their tours. Through careful preparation, meticulous itinerary planning, staff training, and attention to their client’s needs, they earned a spot in this top tour company.

9. Bicycle Adventure Club

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The focus of the Bicycle Adventure Club is two-wheeled exploring! Their carefully curated packages include everything from easy rides through Tuscany’s vineyards to strenuous mountain passes in Switzerland. They frequently go to places like Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Germany.

10. Deluxe Cycle Tours

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Small-group guided bike rides that venture off the usual path are available from Deluxe Cycle rides. While still providing an experience that is accessible to all skill levels, their focus is on discovering unique experiences along the way, such as cozy agriturismos and unknown towns.


You won’t get much of an understanding of the culture you’re paying money to experience if you take a charter bus or minivan from the attraction spot to accommodation. From the seat of a bike, you can take in considerably more of the surroundings while moving slowly and having time to take them all in. 

Bicycling is the best method to travel the globe. Travel is never only about the destination; it’s about the journey and everything it entails. focusing on the present and the location, rather than rushing to the next must-see attraction. learning anything new about the outside world and oneself, then leaving with memories that serve as a reminder of what it means to be alive.

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