Will Cycling Give Me A Nice Bum?

This is one question that the female gender asks a lot. Will cycling make my bum flatter? Will it give it a good shape? Will it make me add up in my bum? Will it make my bum nice? Well, this article will answer these questions and more for you. The first thing you need to bear in mind is that the shape and size of your butt are determined partly by your genetics. If you are naturally lean, growing a big booty is likely impossible. 

However, cycling can help you achieve a nice bum by working on your glutes and in exchange will help shape and tone the muscles in your butt and also help add some volume. How this work is that cycling makes use of your glutes as you push down on the pedal and contracts to extend your hip. 

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Here are a few ways cycling can make your bum look nice.        

1. A Bigger Butt

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If your major goal is to gain a bigger butt while cycling, then you will need to select routes that contain many steep inclines. You will need to push through your heel as you press down the pedal to target the glutes. Cycle recovery intervals in which you lower the resistance or cycle on flat roads to rest the glutes for one to two minutes before you return to the climbs. Continue the pattern of hills and flat roads for the total duration of your 30- to 60-minute workout.

2. Toning Your Butt

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Continuous cycling works on all your muscles, including the ones down there, making them become more toned the more you cycle. But then it is important to note that this toning causes a different effect on the body of different people. It can come in the form of added muscle mass which culminates in making one have a tight butt.

3. Fat Loss

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The good thing about cycling is that no matter what your reason was to pick up the bicycle in the first place, you will lose weight, including on your butt. Butt fat can be a major problem area for some people because that is where the fat deposits seem to build up so easily directly in the butt and just below it. When you cycle and work the muscles in your butt, you will also be burning off the fat deposits that take up permanent residence there. 

4. Your Muscles Get Toned 

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Biking usually involves the quads and hamstrings with a major contribution from the calf muscles. However, the butt muscles are equally as important and engaged during cycling. The gluteus maximus, the largest and most superficial butt muscle you have, helps to extend the hip as you pedal. As a contributing muscle, the gluteus maximus gets quite the workout when you cycle.

The other two butt muscles, the gluteus minimus, and the gluteus medius, are equally important for cycling. Both of these muscles are hip abductors and are involved in the outward rotation of the hips as well as lateral motion. While the gluteus maximus provides the bulk of the power, the two smaller butt muscles provide stability.

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The best benefit of riding a bike? It makes your bum look better no matter what effect you are going for. Your glutes will be stronger, and more toned, and those stubborn fat deposits will begin to melt off, leaving you with a tight butt that looks good in whatsoever you wear.


1. Can cycling widen my hips?

No, it doesn’t. Cycling, alongside a healthy diet, will result in a lean physique for most people.

2. Can cycling slim down my thighs?

Riding a bike can help you lose overall weight and tone your thighs in the process, but it’s not targeting the fat in the area alone.

3. Will cycling give me a smaller waist?

Riding a bike can make your waist smaller due to weight and fat loss. Most people hold fat stores around their waist, so losing fat will typically lead to a smaller waist.

4. Will cycling reduce my buttocks?

Cycling will burn fat around your glutes better than making your butt bigger. Though, if you regularly cycle with hard speed and resistance, you’ll likely see more buckling power.

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