Advantage Of Disc Brakes On Bikes  

At the rate bicycle riding is taking over most fitness industries, and recreational activities, down to being one of the safest means of transportation and the fastest means of having adventures on mountainsides, innovators thought why not bring out even more bicycles with different brakes which can be safer for bicycle riders.

For a newbie looking out for bicycle safety and the best bicycles to buy, just like the work of a brake in a car, a brake in a bicycle is a mechanism inside the wheel of the bicycle that pushes outward on the hub, creating friction and slowing the bike. In other words, it reduces the speed of a bicycle or prevents it from moving.

For this article, we will be looking at the advantages of one of the biggest innovations in road bikes in the past few years called the disc brakes on bikes. 

Unlike other regular brakes, the disc brake is unique due to its numerous advantages in performance its provides. Below are some of the advantages of disc brakes on the bike;

1. Performance

In terms of braking performance, disc brakes outperform other brakes in every category. From variable weather conditions and steep descents to quick stops in traffic and high-speed races, increased responsiveness, and consistent performance they are arguably the most well-regarded brakes in cycling and are superior and comparable to none in their class and beyond.

2. Longevity

One of the braking rights the disc brake has earned is its longevity. Disc brakes last more than 50,000 miles on average, if their lifespan is not affected by a number of factors.

If stored well, maintained well, and driven sensibly, it can last up to 80,000 miles.

3. Braking power

Not only does Disc brake allows you to ride faster, because they provide more stopping power and better brake modulation, but they also allow you to stop faster too, accurately, with control, and at the speed you want in different conditions.

Another added advantage to this is that braking power can be boosted (or tempered, depending on your preferences) by changing rotor sizes.

A bigger rotor can increase mechanical leverage and heat dissipation while a smaller one will save weight for riders who just don’t need the extra braking force.

4. Ability to stay cleaner

Due to the fact that disc brakes are at the hub of the wheel and further from the road, they don’t get hit by as much grime being tossed up from the road.

A cleaner brake provides more consistent stopping power regardless of the weather you find yourself cycling through.

5. Disc brakes allow for wider tire options

Unlike other brakes which must go around the tire to reach the rims and limits its maximum tire width, the disc brakes simply don’t have this problem because the braking is happening at the wheel hub. Because of this, it is the frame that limits the maximum tire width.

6. Lightness

Disc brake wheel rims can be made lighter. Unlike the rim and drum brakes, it’s just the tire pressure that needs to be handled.

This is because it is easier to optimize the rim’s aerodynamics when designing disc brakes.

7. Predictability

Disc brake power tends to be more linear and predictable, which makes it it’s far more consistent in varying weather conditions, especially when compared with using rim brakes on carbon rims, a combination that yields notoriously poor performance in the wet, yet is also prone to overheating when dry.

8. Offers less for more

Regardless of the size of the brakes, even with small size disc brakes, it offers quite a large braking power and can stop high-speed vehicles better than a drum and rim brake can.

9. Converts its weakness to strength

With the help of ABS, disc brakes don’t lock up during use for high-speed braking. Earlier they had the issue of locking up and removing any control over the vehicle.

With the help of ABS, their biggest weakness is now an advantage.

10. Never overheats

As the disc brakes are open, they have really good heat dissipation which ensures they never overheat. Inclusive with the fact that it is open, they retain no unwanted material and thus don’t fall to rusting or performance degradation.

For the average road cyclist, the disc brake’s better stopping ability alone provides a good enough reason to upgrade to a disc brake road bike. 

At the rate people fall back on using bikes now, the bike industry sees the road disc movement as a way to advance bike technology forward in a meaningful way in one big step. 

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