What Are Some Good Bike Accessories Everyone Needs To Have?

Although owning a bicycle can be extremely liberating, it’s only the beginning of a cycling lifestyle. Good bike accessories can keep you and your bike safe, help you monitor your fitness, and even provide you with a connection to your favorite hobby when you’re not riding. 

The ideal bicycle accessory will vary depending on the cyclist and may be functional, fashionable, entertaining, or a combination of all three. 

Therefore, our guide has everything you need to know about the best bike accessories, whether you want to keep your best road bike extra safe and secure, want to personalize your bicycle, or maybe you’re looking for the ideal gift or present for the cycling enthusiast. 

1. Laser-Enhanced Bicycle Light

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The Beryl Laserlight is a 300-lumen LED front light with a built-in green laser that aims to make cycling at night in urban settings safer. With the help of this innovative feature, it can project a bright bicycle symbol 6 meters onto the road in front of it, warning drivers and pedestrians that a real bike is approaching them. The gadget is strong, long-lasting, and simple to set up.

2. Commuter Backpack

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Timbuk2’s Parker Commuter Backpack is your best option if you want a stylish, useful bag for both travel and your regular commute to work. This contemporary roll top is made of 600D PVC and can withstand even the worst weather, keeping your belongings dry and safe.

3. A Lock

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If you intend to leave your bike unattended, a lock is a necessity. If you do decide to leave your bike on the street, make sure to lock it. The best locks are not cheap, but the best ones will withstand everything except power tools, making a thief look elsewhere. This is one instance where you do get what you pay for.

A lock’s quality cannot be determined simply by looking at it. To give customers some peace of mind regarding the caliber of a lock, Sold Secure offers independent ratings for locks in the form of gold, silver, and bronze.

4. Front and Rear Lights

see sense icon 2 front and rear lights
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For city traveling on well-lit streets, a small front light is frequently sufficient.  Essential if you plan to cycle at night or if there’s even a remote chance of getting lost after dark, lights can serve two purposes: they can make you visible and they can light up the road.

To ensure that other road users can see you in the city, all you need are some small, reasonably bright lights that you can combine with reflectors to make yourself more visible.

You require something more potent for unlit roads. Compact lights with incredible power have been created in recent years thanks to the development of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and extremely efficient, bright LEDs.

5. Merida Multi-tool

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photo by Merida Bikes

For on-the-spot fixes, a multitool is required. A frame pump is a useful addition to your off-season equipment if you are a road cyclist with a specific winter bike. When it comes to multi-tools, there are many options available. Some are equipped for more significant repairs, while others only have the essential tools needed for quick on-the-bike adjustments like adjusting your saddle height or tightening loose bolts.

6. Bottle Holder 

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A bottle case is a straightforward but useful accessory. You should drink plenty of water while riding your bike if you plan to cover any significant distance. There are a few options available, including the popular among mountain bikers hip pack with a hydration bladder, but for commuting and road cycling, a straightforward water bottle and cage will work just fine.

7. Cycle Bell 

photo by Decathlon

The Oi Bike Bell, designed by the well-known cycling accessory company Knog, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sounds far superior to the majority of bike bells on the market. A slim circular device that resembles an angel playing the glockenspiel and wraps around the handlebar like a bracelet is offered in five different designs to match your bike.

8. Multipurpose Cycling Jacket

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Cycling apparel that is adaptable to changing temperatures is provided by the Phantom Gore-Tex Infinium Jacket. With its removable sleeves, this outfit can be changed into a jersey as the day warms up and is windproof, water-resistant, and incredibly breathable. Exceptional comfort and mobility are provided by a cycling jacket, and reflective elements keep you visible. 

9. Bike GPS

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Elemnt is one of the most sophisticated GPS cycling computers available today. It connects to your smartphone via a free companion app, enabling you to quickly set up your data fields, track performance, personalize profiles, and share ride data.

This standalone bike computer from Wahoo Fitness is incredibly simple to use in comparison to other GPS bike computers. Additionally, it is the only product of its kind that is completely wireless and has a larger diagonal display size than most rivals.

10. Bicycle Gloves

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With sensors, a microprocessor, and 54-lumen LEDs, Zackees’ pioneering Turn Signal Gloves are unmatched in their ability to combine fashion and functionality. The award-winning safety product, which has been called “the greatest gift to cyclists since the helmet” by top tech website VentureBeat, is made entirely of breathable spandex, has comfortable leather palms, and has a built-in USB rechargeable battery.

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