10 Top Places To Buy Cheap Bicycles

Cycling has a high financial “barrier to entry” compared to running or swimming. Beginning with an old commuter bike that has been gathering dust in the rafters is more than okay, but soon you’ll want to improve. 

A few years ago, the majority of inexpensive bikes were frequently insufficient for road trips, riding mountains, or extensive commuting use. Today, though, it’s common to find inexpensive bikes that have strong brakes, easy-to-use shifting, and sturdy components—and that provide actual performance and a pleasurable riding experience.

New bicycles, particularly outstanding performance and mountain bike models are pricey. They are stuffed with the newest and greatest technology, so it is justified, but the accurate movement and lightweight design come at a not-so-lightweight price.

Avoiding paying for items you don’t require is a simple method to save funds on a bike. You don’t need to spend for bike specifications and parts you won’t use, just as you don’t need to drop $200 a month on a million cable channels you don’t watch.

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Consider the precise way you wish to use your bike. You can get by with fewer gears and heavier, more durable components if racing or long, steep rides aren’t in your destiny. Skip the rear suspension if you won’t be riding your mountain bike on difficult trails. Not a commuter in the rain? Rim brakes are preferable to disc brakes. Cost savings are the outcome of each of these trade-offs.

You desire a bike with high-quality components if you want the ideal riding experience. This means that our choices for “cheap” won’t necessarily fall into the category of extremely cheap goods. We tried to strike a balance between presenting models that people would support and that would last you season after season while also selecting more reasonably priced options.

We advise purchasing a new bike if you can afford one. Knowing there won’t be any major problems and having a dependable vehicle that will endure for many years will give you peace of mind. But if you are unable to afford one with the specifications you want, buying a used bike is a terrific alternative that frequently offers greater value. 

1. Craigslist

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Craigslist, but it’s a good place to hunt for inexpensive bicycles. Finding a bike in your neighborhood is strongly advised because bikes are heavy, fragile, and expensive to move. Go to the “bikes” listing page in the “for sale” section of your neighborhood Craigslist website. You can conduct a search for particular brands, sizes, varieties, etc., and get in touch with the vendor to negotiate a price. 

2. eBay 

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 The benefits and drawbacks of eBay are unique. eBay has a buyer protection policy to assist protect you if something is brought to your door that isn’t what you ordered and compels sellers to provide more detailed information about their bicycles, making it easier and less expensive to find exactly what you’re searching for. 

3. Walmart

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These are frequently disregarded sources of affordable bikes. You can inspect and test it out in person before purchasing, and you might be shocked by what comes up. Walmart is typically dependable, eager to help local riders, and likely purchased the bike from the makers of your preferred brand. 

4. Amazon

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Speaking of respectable bike shops, look about your neighborhood and inquire at your neighborhood Amazon stores if they have any affordable bikes for sale. When compared to other stores, Amazon frequently sells bikes that have been thoroughly examined by in-house, qualified bike mechanics.

5. Facebook marketplace

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Facebook is useful for locating affordable (and also new) bikes, so it’s not just for family members to update you on their lives. In a public listing on Facebook Marketplace, you can message the seller immediately through Facebook Messenger in order to receive all the information you need and, if necessary, extra pictures. 

6. The Pro’s Closet 

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If you’re not only interested in purchasing a cheap bike but also trade the present bike to help support your new purchase, The Pro’s Closet is a fantastic alternative. However, if you’re solely interested in purchasing, you may browse their selection of triathlon bikes, used high-end road bikes, affordable e-bikes, and fat bikes, as well as their newest additions.

7. Aston bikes

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Since 2009, Aston Bikes has provided the greatest and most affordable bicycle items at the lowest prices, together with the guidance and customer service that only a rider-owned company can provide. They work hard to make a difference and have developed a brand that sells bikes to both individuals and shops throughout the world.

8. Bike Component

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We now give you the option to have a professional bike fitting done in our Aachen store, thanks to the bike component. The professionals at KOM SPORT can inexpensively customize your bike to fit you perfectly, including measuring saddle pressure, analyzing seat position, and enhancing the bike’s biometrics. Additionally, you have the option to purchase appropriate bike parts locally and at an affordable rate.

9. Performance Bicycle

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In 1981, Performance Bicycle was founded as a family-run catalog company. The retail bike shop offers cheap bike rentals and sales as well as information on nearby trails, group rides, and simply what’s new. They offer people locations to meet together in person and form connections through a shared passion for bikes as a business that bridges the gap between the internet and in-store retail sectors.

10. Merlin Cycles

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One of the UK’s oldest online bike retailers is Merlin Cycles. Since the beginning, they have earned the admiration of cyclists for carrying a wide selection of cycling gear at competitive costs. From race bikes to mountain bikes, they provide cheap and economical bicycles.

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