10 Popular Bicycle Brands You Can Trust

Bicycles are becoming more and more popular, which has undoubtedly boosted their market expansion. The number of bikes produced annually has increased to around 100 million in recent years. People are fascinated by a variety of cycles, whether it be for health reasons or the adventure of cycling. There are a ton of different brands and their models on the market. It could be difficult to choose the right person for you.

The world urgently needs to switch to safe and secure alternatives right now. The majority of low- and middle-income cities are plagued by air pollution. Bicycles may significantly reduce pollution, allowing for cleaner air to be breathed. Multiple problems are solved at once by cycling. It protects us from a variety of health risks.

According to research, an hour of steady cycling can burn 300 calories. Riding a bike to work is therefore a well-received concept because it is incredibly time-effective (remember those boring gym sessions). Through a variety of cycling campaigns, governments are also enticing people to bike. so here are the top brands to get your bicycles from.

1. Giant Bicycle

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photo by giant bicycle

Giant is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer and one of the top bicycle brands in the world. In 1972, King Liu founded Giant. Giant, the largest company in the world, lives up to its moniker. The fact that Giant is at the top of the list suggests that many experts and world champions believe in it.

One such good model is the Giant Contend SL1. A Ride is put on the handlebars of the bicycles. With its control units, changing between power modes and viewing crucial riding information like speed, battery, and GPS is simple. Giant is the go-to brand for a first-rate cycling experience.

2. Kona

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photo by Kona Bikes

Bicycles are made by the American company Kona. Jacob Heilbron and Dan Gerhard launched the company in 1988. Their bikes are perfect for commuting in cities. Nearly everywhere in the globe, Kona sells bicycles with newly added characteristics that satisfy consumer needs.

3. Fuji Bicycle

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Since 1899, the Japanese bicycle manufacturer Fuji Bike has been producing bicycles. named for the well-known peak that guards Tokyo, Mount Fuji. Not everyone requires a well-made bicycle, an expensive mountain bike, or a sports bicycle. Simple wants are met by simple individuals. Their preferred bicycle brand is Fuji. For their straightforward frames that are perfect for daily usage, Fuji bikes are especially well-known in Asia.

4. Merida

photo by road.cc

Merida is yet another bicycle manufacturer based in Taiwan. Although Merida has a vast selection, its mountain bikes are the stars. Merida outperforms many brands in terms of design and quality construction. This is also among the top bicycle manufacturers in the world.

Merida is one of the top brands, therefore it makes sense that it would be expensive. Merida has been producing bicycles with outstanding engineering that strike the ideal mix between performance and elegance. Consider Merida if you think that an investment should only be made once.

5. GT Bikes

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Gary Turner and Richard Long established GT in Santa Ana, California, in 1972. They’ve advertised BMX bikes. Their road, BMX, and mountain bikes are the most well-liked. The GT Mountain Hardtail Line is a fantastic option for riders. a mountain bike at affordable prices!

The bike company GT Bike has a proud history of building high-quality two-wheelers for close to 50 years. Today, they are admired for their road, cyclocross, hybrid, and mountain bikes. Their mountain bikes in particular have a strong racing history and are well-known in the World Cup competition.

6. Cannondale

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Currently based in the USA, Cannondale is a well-known bicycle manufacturer. The Cannondale Metro-North rail station in Wilton, Connecticut, served as the inspiration for the company’s name. The bicycles’ frames are made of aluminum and carbon fiber. This guarantees their longevity. High-quality bikes that are safe, comfortable, and reasonably priced are available from Cannondale.

Cannondale is the brand you choose if durability is important to you. The American division of Dorel Industries, a Canadian company, is called Cannondale Bicycle Corporation. Bicycles are one of its key goods. Joe Montgomery and Murdoch McGregor established Cannondale Corporation 1 in 1971 to construct Prescott concrete homes.

7. Trek

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photo by 820 | trek bikes

John Burke created it in 1976. The brands Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Gary Fisher, Bontrager, Diamant Bikes, Villiger Bikes, and, up until 2008, LeMond Racing Cycles and Klein, make up one of the top producers and distributors of bicycles. 

Trek’s hybrid and mountain bike models offer an unrivaled cycling experience. The strong construction is a trademark of Trek. Trek won’t let you down while you ride along mountain cliffs.

8. Santa Cruz

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photo by Santa Crus bikes

Santa Cruz is known for their premium mountain bikes. Its headquarters are in Santa Cruz, California. They have about 12 distinct bike models available, all composed of aluminum and carbon fiber. They construct bicycles with incredible accuracy for extreme sports like downhill or mountain biking.

Their price is unavoidably not inexpensive given that they provide such a high-quality, professional product. If money is not an issue and adventure is your only concern, choose Santa Cruz.

9. Specialized

photo by specialized

Mike Sinyard established Specialized Bicycle in 1974. It is headquartered in California. The most renowned bicycle manufacturer in the world is Specialized Bicycle Component, Inc. The brand’s FACT alloy, which stands for Functional Advanced Composite Technology, is used in the frames.

The brand Specialized is the one that is expanding the quickest, meeting all of its clients’ needs. The brand’s race bikes are commendable because they won’t hurt your body. One of these race bikes is the Specialized Roubaix Sport.

10. Scott

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photo by Scott

Bicycles, winter gear, motorsports gear, and athletic apparel are all made by the Swiss business SCOTT Sports SA. Ed Scott, who was employed at Sun Valley in 1958, founded it. This Swiss company is well-known for its extremely fashionable sports motorcycles designed for riders looking for adventure. It should be mentioned that they are not intended for regular city cyclists.

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