10 Fastest Electric Bikes That Will Blow Your Mind

Contrary to popular belief, garages, not manufacturing workshops, were used to construct the quickest electric bikes ever made. Making expensive and quick electric bikes may not be profitable, firms may not be interested in doing so due to liability concerns, or companies may lack creativity and wait for consumers to take the initiative.

The fastest electric bikes on the planet right now are, for whatever reason, made in manufacturing garages. To put it another way, there were chuckles heard from garages all over when Specialized revealed last month that they were producing the “world’s fastest electric bike” with a 25o-watt motor. 

This list includes bicycles that produce up to 200,000 watts. It would be like to racing a Hyundai against a Formula 1 vehicle to race any of these bikes against the Specialized. The ten quickest electric bikes that we are currently aware of are listed below.

The creator of the bike must have produced a YouTube video that verifies the claimed speed of the electric bike for it to be included on this list. The world of electric bikes is known to be full of exaggerators…special construction is not an exception. these bikes can make a bad day turn good for you with a comfortable and smooth ride around your environment.

1. Aventon

aventon mataro fixie single speed bike white
photo by the simple bike store

Aventon firmly belongs in the segment of budget-friendly bikes. Their pricing is competitive with those of some of the top manufacturers of electric bikes. Additionally, many of their models are available in several frame sizes, so you won’t have to settle for the one-size-fits-all strategy used by many e-bike makers. Prices start at $1,199 and go up to $1,899. The folding Aventon Sinch is one of Aventon’s best models.

2. Ride1Up

Ride1Up 700 series header
photo by electrek

Six models are available from Ride1Up, with a clear emphasis on electric bikes in the commuter style. On their website, there are no models with fat tires. The Roadster V2, one of their most distinctive models, doesn’t even resemble an e-bike. This bike looks like a basic commuter bike thanks to its thin, light frame and integrated battery.  

3. Rad Power Bikes

R6HS 2 1
photo by TechCrunch

The most popular bike manufacturer in North America is Rad Power Bikes. This Seattle, Washington-based business is expanding very quickly. Being a direct-to-consumer business has both benefits and drawbacks for this firm. By selling directly to customers instead of through bike dealers, they eliminate the middleman. Rad has started to open it’s own “Rad owned” stores to be able to provide servicing and test rides to its customers who want to buy Rad wagon 4 bikes, though, if you’re searching for that bike dealer experience visit Rad.

4. Lectric Ebikes

lectric xp 2 0 header
photo by electrek

Only one electric bike type is produced by Lectric bikes, and it is available in high-step and step-through versions. The Lectric XP 2.0 costs just $999 and has an 800-watt peak motor and a battery that is big enough for most people (9.6 Ah). We appreciate that this bike can accommodate a wide range of users regardless of height or bicycling prowess thanks to the frame design. The available attachments, which are new for 2021, include front and back racks, a more comfortable seat (with seat post), a folding bike lock, and a premium headlight. 

5. Ariel Rider

BlackX 52StepThruproductphoto 1200x1200
photo by ariel rider

 Electric bike innovator Ariel Rider is a quiet achiever. Recently, electric bikes in moped design have become their specialty due to their exceptional value and performance. If you’re looking for an electric bike in the moped style, you can find options that are suitable for your needs, such as a fully equipped mid-drive e-bike for daily commuting 

6. Juiced Bikes

CityScrambler22 Black RtSide
photo by juiced bike

The main point of distinction for Juiced Bikes is their batteries. In 2022, it will be difficult to locate a direct-to-consumer bike provider that offers 52-volt batteries. Range concerns will disappear thanks to the approximately 1000-watt-hour capacity. Juiced Bikes has introduced the Scorpion, HyperScorpion, and the new dual-battery HyperScrambler 2, focusing on electric bikes in the moped style. 

7. Vintage Electric Roadster

photo by vintage electric bike

It almost seems unjust to call Vintage Electric’s Roadster an e-bike because it is so next-level in terms of materials, power, build, and bulk. It almost looks like an electric motorbike. The overall aesthetic is influenced by motorcycles from the turn of the century; consider early producers like Harley-Davidson, Laurin & Klement, and, perhaps most appropriately, Curtiss.

With 72 volts and 1,200 watt-hours of power, the battery in the middle of the frame is by far the most potent one on the market. That is equivalent to quintuple the watt-hours and double the voltage of many powerful bikes. The Roadster recharges more quickly than any other bike on the market, filling up completely in three hours, then turning off on its own when the battery is full to conserve money and battery life.

8. RSD x SUPER73-RX Malibu

Super73 RSD Malibu Right 1500x1000px 1500x
photo by super73

With an expanding number of tuners and superstars (Bieber, Snoop, A$AP Rocky, etc.) personalizing their rides with extra goods and homemade creations, SUPER73 has one of the most vibrant modder communities in the broader electric bike landscape. But their partnership with Roland Sands Design is unbeatable if you want a SUPER73 that shines right out of the box. 

9. GoCycle G4

Gocycle G4 matte black 01 webstore
photo by Gocycle

We have the G4, unquestionably the best foldable bike we have ever used, after thirteen years and five iterations. This is among the most carryable and comfortable e-bikes today thanks to the hypercar components (carbon fiber fork and midframe; titanium, aluminum, and magnesium throughout). It’s also feather-light, with vastly improved twin hinges that “fast-fold” the bike in a matter of seconds. 

10. Super73

Super73 Z1 Trooper JetBlack Hero 02 1500x1000 f055da35 144e 4e64 8c72 389b8e4716a8 1500x
photo by Super 73

Super73 is an e-bike company based in Southern California that was established in 2016. They have loyal followers and have established themselves as specialists in the market for electric bikes in the moped style. They have become the Apple of e-bike brands, for lack of a better analogy. Their effective marketing, which has benefited from celebrity endorsements, has played a part in this. Normally, I don’t get thrilled about purchasing a thing just because it’s “cool,” but Super73 deserves respect — their bikes are stunning.

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