12 Best Movies About Cycling 

Road biking is enjoyable. The emphasis is on exploration and having the freedom to learn about other environments, people, and civilizations. But there’s also a side that’s all about the blood, sweat, and suffering. Films about this sport do a good job of expressing this contradiction. 

You’ll be astounded by road bike films in front of their heroes.They highlight the fortitude and perseverance that all road cyclists must possess in order to accomplish their objectives, whether those objectives involve winning a Grand Tour, setting a world record, or simply exploring the Australian outback. They also pique interest in the trip. 

The top dramas and documentaries about road cycling have been compiled by us. Each of them is ideal for Sundays when riding a bike is impossible due to your personal reasons .

1. Breaking Away:

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In the coming-of-age sports film Breaking Away, a group of young friends from a small town are followed as they get infatuated with cycling and pursue their dreams of becoming professional riders. Peter Yates served as the film’s director, and it came out in 1979. Starring in it are Jackie Earle Haley, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, and Dennis Christopher. In addition to being nominated for Best Picture, the movie received an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

2. A Sunday in Hell:

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The 1976 documentary A Sunday in Hell is about the Paris-Roubaix bicycle race. The film, which was directed by Jörgen Leth, portrays the trying aspect of the competition, which is renowned for its challenging cobblestone stretches. The film has received plaudits for its magnificent photography and compelling depiction of the race, and it is regarded as a classic of cycling filmmaking.

3. The Triplets of Belleville:

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In 2003, Sylvain Chomet released the animated comedy The Triplets of Belleville. In the movie, an elderly grandmother named Madame Souza sets out on a mission to save her grandson, a Tour de France cyclist who has been kidnapped by the French mafia. She enlists the assistance of the titular triplets, a group of ageing vaudeville actors, along the way. The animation in the movie is distinctive, and there isn’t much conversation. It received two Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Animated Feature.

4. The Flying Scotsman:

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The biographical sports drama movie The Flying Scotsman, which Douglas Mackinnon directed, was released in 2006. A Scottish cyclist named Graeme Obree achieved the world hour record on a bike he built himself, and the narrative of his accomplishments is the inspiration for the film. Obree’s battles with bipolar disease are shown in the movie, along with his unique training regimens, interactions with other cyclists, and his family. Critics generally praised the film, which stars Jonny Lee Miller as Obree.

5. American Flyers:

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The 1985 sports drama movie American Flyers is about bicycle racing. Kevin Costner and David Marshall Grant play two brothers who take part in the Hell of the West, a torturous bicycle race, in the John Badham-directed film. The brothers’ training, competition, and conflicts with their past and present selves are all followed throughout the movie. The film is famous for how accurately it portrays the physical and mental demands of bicycle racing as well as how it depicts the sport as a whole. Despite the film’s lack of box office success, it now has a cult following among aficionados of cycling and sports films.

6. Bicycle Thieves:

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The 1948 Italian neorealist movie Bicycle Thieves was directed by Vittorio De Sica. Antonio Ricci, a struggling character in the film, finds work hanging posters in Rome. But in order to complete the task, he needs a bicycle, so he pawns his family’s bedclothes to pay for one. His bike is stolen on his first day of work, so he and his son Bruno embark on a fruitless quest for it. The movie is renowned for its accurate depiction of post-World War II Italy and for its examination of topics like family, poverty, and despair. One of the greatest films ever made, Bicycle Thieves is recognised as a pinnacle of Italian neorealist cinema.

7. Premium Rush:

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David Koepp’s action-thriller Premium Rush was released in 2012. In the film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role of Wilee, a bicycle messenger hired to deliver an envelope throughout the city. But soon he is being hounded by a dishonest police officer who is after the envelope. The movie follows Wilee as he dashes around the city dodging traffic and other hazards in an effort to get away from the policeman. The film is renowned for its intense action sequences and usage of genuine bicycle feats. Despite the film’s unfavourable reception from reviewers, action movie and cycling fans have come to love it.

8. Le Vélo de Ghislain Lambert:

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Philippe Harel is the director of the 2001 Belgian-French comedy-drama film Le Vélo de Ghislain Lambert. Ghislain Lambert, a Belgian rider with professional cycling aspirations, is the subject of the film. The movie follows Lambert as he trains for and participates in bicycle races, but finds it difficult to succeed because of his lack of talent and the dishonest character of the industry. In addition to exploring topics like ambition, corruption, and the pursuit of dreams, the film is famous for its funny and sarcastic depiction of the world of professional cycling. Many people have praised Le Vélo de Ghislain Lambert for its sharp dialogue, standout performances, and knack for striking a balance between comedy and drama.

9. Quicksilver:

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The 1986 drama Quicksilver centres on Kevin Bacon’s Jack Casey, a stockbroker who leaves his position after losing a significant amount of money on behalf of his clients. In San Francisco, where he starts a new career as a bicycle messenger and gets immersed in the racing community, he begins to reconstruct his life. The film is renowned for its representation of the bicycle messenger subculture and for using real-life cycling stunts. Despite the movie’s unfavourable critical reception, it has subsequently developed a cult following among enthusiasts of cycling and 1980s movies.

10. Hell on Wheels:

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American Western television series Hell on Wheels ran on AMC from 2011 until 2016. The programme chronicles the tale of the 1860s American construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. Anson Mount’s portrayal of ex-Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon is followed in the television series as he works on the railway while dealing with issues including racism, corruption, and brutality. In addition to exploring topics like power, greed, and redemption, the programme is renowned for its historical authenticity. Critics generally gave Hell on Wheels favourable reviews and commended it for its excellent acting, script, and production values.

11. Rad:

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The 1986 sports drama movie Rad is about BMX racing. Bill Allen plays Cru Jones, a young BMX rider, in the Hal Needham-directed film. The movie follows Jones as he participates in the Helltrack BMX race, which is sanctioned by an evil business that wants to take advantage of the racers. The film is renowned for its use of BMX stunts and for its soundtrack, which includes several of the time period’s most well-known songs. Despite the film’s lack of praise from critics, BMX racing and 80s movie lovers have come to love it.

12. Road to Roubaix :

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The Paris-Roubaix bicycle race is the subject of the 2008 documentary film Road to Roubaix. David Deal, who also directed the film, follows a number of teams and individual riders as they train for and participate in the race. The movie gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the competition, including its background, the difficulties riders confront, and the strategies teams and riders employ. The film has received recognition for its spectacular photography and for its ability to convey the spirit of one of the toughest and most renowned competitions in professional cycling.


Have you watched any of these movies? If yes, which is your favorite?

If you haven’t, we highly recommend that you watch these movies. Happy viewing!

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