Best Gravel Bike Tires

The best gravel bike tyres to buy will rely on a number of things, such as the terrain you ride on, your riding style, and your personal tastes. Driving over gravel can include a variety of situations. Paved dirt roads can be just as slick as asphalt, rocky roads can include gravel that is loose or covered in encrusted boulders, and some so-called gravel roads can take riders onto single-track sections. 

To accommodate the various riding terrain you might come across off asphalt, there are numerous off-road and gravel bike tyre options. Therefore, it’s crucial to select the proper combination of tyres for your bike and the type of riding you do most often.

Here are some popular gravel bike tires that are highly regarded by cyclists:

1. Schwalbe G-One Allround:

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When looking for tyres that can handle a variety of terrains, hybrid bike riders especially choose the Schwalbe G-One Allround tyres. These tyres are appropriate for both on- and off-road riding because they strike a nice balance between rolling resistance and grip. The tread pattern on the G-One Allround tyres is made to allow for a smooth and effective ride on paved roads while also offering good traction on loose or uneven ground.

The tubeless-ready construction of the G-One Allround tyres enables flat-risk reduction and a better ride when used without an inner tube. Additionally, the tyres have Schwalbe’s RaceGuard puncture prevention system, which adds an additional layer of defence against flats and other harm.

The extensive size range of the G-One Allround tyres is one of their distinguishing qualities. These tyres can be found in widths ranging from 35mm to 70mm, making a wide range of hybrid bikes compatible with them. While the narrower tyres give superior speed and efficiency on concrete roads, the wider tyres offer a more comfortable ride on difficult terrain.

2. Panaracer GravelKing SK:

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When looking for tyres that can handle a variety of terrains, hybrid bike riders frequently choose the GravelKing SK tyres. These tyres are a terrific option for riders looking for a tyre that can handle both pavement and gravel situations because of their high traction and durability.

The GravelKing SK tyres have a special tread pattern that is intended to offer the most traction possible on sloping or uneven terrain. Small, closely spaced knobs make up the tread pattern, which offers superb traction on gravel, dirt, and other off-road surfaces. A smooth centre part of the tyres contributes to their low rolling resistance on paved surfaces.

There are several sizes of the GravelKing SK tyres, ranging from 32mm to 43mm. They can fit a number of hybrid bikes, from those geared towards the road to those that are more off-road focused, thanks to their wide range of sizes. Additionally, riders have a choice between tubeless and non-tubeless versions of the tyres, allowing them to select the configuration that best suits their requirements.

3. WTB Nano:

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The WTB Nano tyres are made especially for cyclists looking for a tyre that can withstand challenging gravel riding. These tyres are constructed from premium materials and have an aggressive tread design that offers superior traction in slick and muddy conditions.

The WTB Nano tyres’ significant volume is one of its distinguishing qualities. These tyres are offered in widths ranging from 40 to 50 mm, giving the ground a wide contact patch. A smoother ride is made possible by the huge volume, which also increases traction in slick or muddy conditions.

Another noteworthy aspect of the WTB Nano tyres is their tread design. Large, widely spaced knobs on the tyres’ surface give them good traction in muddy or loose terrain. Additionally, the knobs are made to shed mud rapidly, maintaining traction even in the stickiest circumstances.

The high-quality components used to construct the WTB Nano tyres are also built to resist the rigours of severe riding. The sidewalls of the tyres are strengthened to offer further defence against cuts and abrasions, and the tyres have a layer that is puncture-resistant to assist avoid flats.

4. Maxxis Rambler:

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Gravel cyclists frequently choose the Maxxis Rambler tyres, and for good reason. These tyres are appropriate for a variety of terrain types because they provide an excellent blend of low rolling resistance and traction. The Rambler tyres are made to offer the traction and control you need to stay safe and comfortable on your journey, whether you’re navigating difficult, rocky terrain or riding on smooth, hard-packed gravel.

The adaptable tread pattern of the Rambler tyres is one of their primary characteristics. The tyres’ closely spaced centre knob offers minimal rolling resistance and quick rolling qualities, while the wider side knobs aid in supplying traction and control when turning or negotiating slick terrain.

Rambler tyres are excellent for a variety of terrain types, from smooth, hard-packed gravel to loose, rough trails, thanks to its combination of centre and side knobs.

The Rambler tyres’ comparatively light weight is another aspect that contributes to their popularity among gravel riders. The tyres are made to be lightweight and responsive, and they are offered in widths ranging from 38mm to 50mm. On smooth or hard-packed ground, motorcyclists may accelerate quickly and maintain higher speeds without compromising traction or control.

5. Vittoria Terreno Dry:

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The Vittoria Terreno Dry tyres are a great choice if you mainly ride on dry, compacted gravel. For riders who value speed and efficiency on smooth or hard-packed ground, these tyres are created to offer minimal rolling resistance and fast-rolling qualities.

The Vittoria Terreno Dry’s comparatively light weight is one aspect that helps them roll quickly. The tyres are made to be lightweight and responsive, and they are offered in widths ranging from 31mm to 47mm. On smooth or hard-packed ground, riders are able to accelerate quickly and maintain higher speeds.

For riders who usually travel on dry, compacted gravel roads, the Vittoria Terreno Dry tyres are a great option. On smooth or hard-packed terrain, they provide low rolling resistance, quick rolling qualities, and great traction.


Keep in mind that the decision about your tyres will ultimately depend on your particular wants and needs and the riding environment. To make an informed choice, it’s always a good idea to take into account elements like tyre width, tread pattern, puncture prevention, and the kind of gravel you’ll encounter. In addition, speaking with nearby bike shops or other gravel riders might offer insightful advice based on your unique riding location.

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