7 Best European Counties For Bike Touring

Making the decision to go on a riding vacation in Europe is simple because the continent is home to some of the best cycling trails and bike pathways in the world. Cycling from town to village while admiring the breathtaking European vistas, learning about the local culture, and indulging in the exquisite cuisine and wine sounds like the ideal active travel vacation.

There is nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair as you ride across the continent, even though viewing a destination by rail might be one of the most romanticized modes of transportation. There is no better location to start a multi-day tour that combines physical activity with plenty of sightseeing because many European countries are bike-friendly. 

Selecting the precise pedaling location is more challenging. Thankfully, we’ve put up lists of the top bike excursions in each region of Europe. There is a cycling vacation in Europe to fit your interests, whether you prefer to pedal at your own pace on a self-guided trip or prefer the companionship of a small group of like-minded travelers.

In almost every nation in Europe, they offer reasonably priced bicycle excursions. Additionally, there are different grading levels for every sort of rider, from beginner to tough journeys.

1. Greece’s Islands

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Greece is a vibrant country that is brimming with beauty and culture. With the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean oceans forming its borders, it has a particularly rich past that is imprinted everywhere, including archeological relics of ancient Greek culture. Cycling is made more comfortable by the sunny skies and low humidity. This yet largely undiscovered archipelago of islands is distinguished by its pristine environment and centuries of Venetian influence. The small island of Paxos, which is heavily covered in olive trees, the hilly landscape of Cephalonia and the bird sanctuary island of Lefkas, and the Ionian Sea’s crystal-clear seas, which sparkle in all colors of blue, together provide a wonderfully peaceful journey.

2. Croatia

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Although technically in eastern Europe, Croatia has a very Mediterranean feel about it. The country’s rich Roman and Byzantine history pairs perfectly with its miles of beaches and cuisine. When you consider Croatia’s overall appeal and the allure of Istria, you’ll want to make travel plans right away. This heart-shaped peninsula, which Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia all share, is well renowned for its combination of picturesque blue shores (Blue Istria) and agricultural interiors (Green Istria). Istria’s villages are teeming with quaint stores, vineyards, and olive gardens.

3. Romania

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Romania is renowned for its Transylvania forest region, historic cities, and stunning natural scenery. During rides in Transylvania, passengers can see impressive cliffs, fortified churches, and castles. One of the most romantic and historically significant regions of the nation is Transylvania. With its constantly shifting surroundings, cycling in Romania is an ongoing adventure. On your journey, you will discover unexpected ecological diversity—swamps, prairies, lagoons, and lakes are habitats for a variety of creatures and interesting landscapes.

4. Czech Republic

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The biggest concentration of castles and chateaus per square mile in Europe may be found in the Czech Republic, which has over 2,000 of them. The Czech Republic is renowned for its serene landscapes and vibrant cities in addition to its amazing history and architecture. This tiny nation contains everything, from places built in the modern era to those with architectural styles from the Middle Ages. Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate the well-marked, vast network of cycling greenways (many of which were converted from motorways following the fall of Communism) that have little to no traffic and enable locals and visitors to experience the country’s scenery on bicycles.

5. Albania

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It may seem like time travel when you are in Albania. Bicyclists from all over the world are drawn to Albania by its numerous landscapes, which include its snow-capped mountains, dense woods, and welcoming beaches, as well as its astonishing culture. Albania stands out from other travel destinations because of its preserved, centuries-old traditions and the lack of mass tourism.

6. Southern France

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Southern France is a must-visit for every cyclist because of its quaint villages, warm beaches, and delectable cuisine. The area offers a well-balanced selection of glitz and nightlife among more traditional and cultural locations. The region is considered to have some of the best cycling club in all of France, full of many dedicated, well-marked bicycle routes, with medieval villages, old castles, and churches dotting the mountainside.

7. Scotland

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Scotland is a beautiful country with lush flora and deep valleys. Scotland’s lakes, or “lochs,” are well-liked tourist destinations, especially the well-known Loch Ness and its purported sea monster. Scotland is a popular destination for cycling trips because of the country’s undulating hills and stunning moors; riding a bicycle is the ideal way to experience Scotland’s small towns and rural landscapes. Experienced bikers will find natural, difficult mountain riding trails amid rough nature. Scotland is well suited for themed excursions for families that include escorted visits to its castles, paganic sites, churches, and memorials.

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