10 Best Cruiser Bikes You Need To Know

Beach cruiser bikes can be used for a variety of purposes, including your daily commute to work or your upcoming vacation. Beach cruisers are laid-back and enjoyable. They are designed for general road comfort rather than for speed or off-roading. 

These are the bikes we use for fun and comfort. But be rest assured, you can still get where we’re going on schedule; we just enjoy the beach journey. Beach cruiser bikes are available in a wide variety of sizes, weights, brake designs, and extras. 

To identify the top beach cruiser bikes available, we first sought the advice of industry professionals on what constitutes a high-quality beach cruiser bike. Then, we looked into and assessed them for comfort. 

1. Electra Townie Original 7D

Townie Step Through REI 1024x650 1
photo by bike ride

When Californian company Electra began making fat-tire bikes that resembled old Schwinns in the late 1990s, it helped spark the beach cruiser movement. 

“They showed out with these magnificent bikes, wonderfully engineered and polished nice,” explains Brad K. Evans, owner of Bike City Mag and the once-a-week pub crawl Denver Cruisers, who developed his “cruiser guy” personally during this time. 

According to Oldak, the Townie is adored for its ingenious “foot-forward” design, which is prominent across the Hamptons. On a bicycle, the seat is often raised such that your legs are only slightly bent and you can’t quite touch the ground.

2. Brighton 7-Speed

gloss black brighton 7 speed cruiser 28291896672336
photo by Brooklyn bicycle

The Brighton 7 is frequently out of stock, so it’s understandable. The first thing everyone said after climbing on our test model and taking it for a spin was, “This is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever been on.” Its extremely relaxed design allows the rider to stretch out to the point that they are not required to bend their elbows or knees when cruising on momentum, this includes one tester who has exceptionally long arms and legs. 

3. June 7 LS

2022 TUESDAY JUNE 7 LS BLACK 1200x1200
photo by Tuesday cycle

The aptly called June 7 is happiest on sandy terrain and carefree summer days. To keep the front wheel on the course, all that is required is a gentle touch and relaxed arms on its large, sweeping Big Bend Cruiser handlebar.

Your feet can easily touch the ground for a brief stop to take a picture of the setting sun when they aren’t on the shoeless-friendly, rubber-coated pedals that are propelling you onward.

4. Schwinn Mikko

81f925S7HNL. AC SL1500
photo by amazon

The 3-speed Schwinn Mikko (for the ladies) was one of many gifts Ellen DeGeneres stunned her guests with when she turned 61 last year. With a steel frame, 26-inch wheels, a rear coaster brake, a traditional cruiser handlebar, matching fenders and chainguards, and a plush seat on springs, this cruiser is as classic as they come. 

Both models are available with 3- and 7-speed transmissions and a range of colors. I love this next gift, Ellen informed her audience as the curtain parted to reveal the motorcycles. y have one right here. I utilize it daily.

5. Specialized Roll Low-Entry

specialized roll 0018 tested 1584454457
photo by bicycling magazine

The Roll 2.0 Low-Entry is the best option for anyone who has ever been concerned about swinging a leg over a top tube or being able to put their feet to the ground at the last second since it has one of the lowest step-through frames in the industry. 

Strong 650b x 2.3-inch tires run easily on the road, but they come to your aid when the surface becomes shaky or a sandy shortcut begins to beckon. As a result of its upright geometry, you are in a posture that is easier on your neck and back and allows you to take in the scenery, but it isn’t the best for steep ascents up winding mountains.

6. Vivélo cruiser

download 13
photo by ubuy

Every cruiser made by Vivélo is individually built in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. Vivélo went further with its plan to make it even more complex (in a good way) with its techniques and available tool, which lets you customize up to 27 components of the bike. 

As if selecting from 42 standard styles and color options—for men’s, women’s, and children’s—isn’t challenging enough. A base La Donna costs $799 (3-speed) and $869 (7-speed), but once you start having fun customizing it, like the crazy-looking one above, it may cost as much as $1,150. 

It is one of four adult bikes that may be customized, along with the Rider, Rider X, and Chopper. The chain and spokes, as well as the frame, fenders, chainguard, pedals, grips, and rims, can all have a varied color.

7. Linus Rover 9

Rover 9 brushed Alloy Profile Web 6a18ef1d c0e6 40eb bda3 59f35a86735b 1800x1800
photo by linus bike

The Rover 9, a traditional cruiser with traditional aesthetics, includes a lightweight frame and fork made of 6061 aluminum, hydraulic disc brakes, and a 1×9-speed transmission managed by a Microshift trigger shifter. On 27.5-inch alloy wheels, 45mm-wide Kenda Koast tires with coffee-colored sidewalls move quickly and eat potholes in your path. Although rubber-coated pedals are an easy and inexpensive upgrade, the open, aluminum pedals aren’t the most barefoot-friendly. 

There is only one frame available for the Rover 9 and it is available in two sizes (medium for riders between 5 feet 5 and 5 feet 9 inches tall and large for riders 5 feet 10 inches and taller). The Rover 9 enters the realm of short commutes after nine gears are selected.

8. Benno eJoy 10D Active Plus

benno bikes ejoy 10d active plus 412468 1 11 1
photo phat tire bike shop

The eJoy 10D Active Plus (its predecessor was voted one of Bicycling’s Best Bikes of 2020) can easily be your zip-around-town at-20mph e-bike. Its design was inspired by the lines of old Italian scooters and classic German vehicles. 

A frame-mounted lock, a large rear rack, an extra front tray, integrated lighting, and a maximum range of 95 miles are notable features. Just think of all the things you can transport to the beach with such a feature. 

The eJoy is an e-bike for everyone thanks to its completely silent Bosch Active Line Plus motor, low standover for riders of all heights, typical townie-like wheelbase, roll-over-anything inflated tires, and one of the most user-friendly GPS.

9. Jamis Earth Cruiser 3

jamis earth cruiser 3 copy 285994 11
photo by Congers bike shop

Jamis took some action to give people who have to carry their bikes up flights of stairs the choice of the aptly titled Earth Cruiser. Everywhere possible, it added lightweight alloy components to the aluminum frame, including the rims, crankset, crank arms, seat post, seat clamp, stem, front hub, and kickstand. Additionally, it provided the Earth Cruiser with a memory foam saddle with a synthetic suede top (yes, much like a mattress). 

10. Detroit Bikes B-Type

71yxA0vxXCL. SL1500
photo by amazon

The B-Type is delivered to your door 95 percent constructed, needing only 5 minutes of your time to finish. Along with free shipping, your order comes with a floor pump from Detroit Bikes. This tough and stylish commuter bike also has fenders, a rear rack, a bell, a kickstand, and a waterproof saddle. 

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