Best Budget Bicycles For Beginners

Are there beginner-friendly bikes I can ride? Are they pocket friendly? These are some of the questions beginners ask when they are about to start their cycling journey. And the answer to all these is yes.

Whether you are a beginner who is trying to ride to keep fit or want to ride just for fun or to become a professional cyclist, there are bikes you can start with which will make this smooth for you and you can also get many of them on a budget.

Sometimes people see cheap to mean low quality, but a low-price bike doesn’t mean it has low quality. There are amazing and affordable bikes that will serve the purpose of those on a budget. They might have a heavier frame that’s usually aluminum alloy rather than carbon fiber, but their geometry and handling may not be that different from more expensive models.

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Although, while purchasing this bike, there are some things you need to look out for before you take it home. They include;
• The kind of brake it has
• Its gear ratio
• Its handlebar style
• How much maintenance the bike you are getting will cost
• Other components you need to add to your bike to make your beginning process smoother

1. HH HILAND Road Bike 700c Racing Bike

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Price: $310
The 1. HH Hiland road bike 700c racing bike has a lightweight aluminum frame and double-caliper brakes for the front and rear. Due to its 21 speed, you will feel at home on longer rides outside of the city or on paved bike paths. It is sleek and efficient for commuting via roads. It is easy to assemble and the well-fitted components will be rideable without a tune-up for at least a few hundred miles. And a bonus is that its seat position and drop bars are styled like more expensive road bikes.

2. Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum Road Bike


Price: $349
Suited for the daily commute as well as longer weekend rides, this 21-speed aluminum bike is an affordable road bike with powerful disc brakes. Its attributes include fast acceleration, easy shifting, and a comfortable saddle. The Vilano Tuono T20 is very easy to assemble at home.

3. Fuji Sportif 2.3

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Price: $850
Being one of the best endurance bikes there is, for 850 dollars, this is a road bike you can confidently take on longer group rides and entry-level races. The curved seat is comfortable for endurance riding, and the geometry was designed for longer rides.

It’s heavier compared to other higher-end endurance road bikes, but its higher front end is easier on the cyclist’s back, and the flexible alloy frame can absorb bumps, making long rides easier on wrists and back. It is a great bike for both women and men alike.

4. Schwinn Fastback Tourney


Price: $656
The Schwinn Fastback is a well-suited bike for group rides, and races, and will last year after year. It is characterized by an aluminum frame and fork, built to absorb chatter on the road and help stave off fatigue during long rides, Shimano shifters and derailleurs for smooth, efficient gear changes, and Schwinn’s road hub for lightweight travel on the pavement.

Its saddle and handlebar tape are designed for longer rides in comfort, along with a slightly forward position for more efficiency during extended climbs.

5. Firmstrong Navitas Organics Cruiser Bike


Price: $340
With its steel frames, classic curvy beach cruiser design, coaster brakes, and oversized seat, the Firmstrong Navitas Organics Cruiser Bike is a bike designed for comfort. It is durable and a great value for money.
Its Coaster brakes make slowing down or coming to a total halt easy which makes this bike a favorite for newbie riders. One of the bike’s standout features is the fact that it is made of steel, the strongest possible material a bicycle can be made from. Its handlebars are padded and spacious, allowing its rider to have a relaxing ride. Also, its shock absorbers make it a safe ride even on rough terrains.

Choosing a bike that can be good for you can be a bit hard and confusing when you are a beginner, especially when you are looking for the best on a budget, that’s why this article was put together specifically to help you scale through this hurdle and continue your journey into being the amazing cycler you have set out to be.

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