10 Best Bicycle Helmets You Need To Buy

Bicycle helmet manufacturers are continuously competing to provide the best ones. The need to develop the greatest road helmet, best commuter helmet, or best aero helmet for racing is continuously driving innovation because of how fierce the competition is.

When choosing what to buy, factors like comfort, aerodynamics, and breathability are all things you should take into account. You can use our guide to better grasp all the crucial factors involved in selecting the best bike helmet for you. 

We have outlined all you need to know about buying a road bike helmet, including how to get one that fits, looks good, and is comfortable, further down the page. But before we get into the specifics, Helmets for cyclists save lives and shield users from harm.

Using safety equipment is thought to be the most reliable method of avoiding head and brain damage if you ever fall from your two-wheeler. Here are our top selections for the best road bike helmets. 

If you must stay under a strict budget, it is worthwhile to know the finest affordable bike helmets which offer inexpensive head protection with excellent safety features. One of these top bike helmets might be a wise choice if you commute daily.

What purpose does a bicycle helmet serve?

The Head is Safe with Helmets. Heads are frequently the first body parts to sustain injuries in bicycle accidents. Therefore, it is essential to get a helmet that fits correctly. Your skull and brain are both protected when you wear a helmet that is the proper size, preventing both external and internal harm. Aerodynamics versus weight and breathability must be matched for all cyclists based on their priorities.

1. Aether helmet

photo by ubuy

This helmet has great ventilation and cutting-edge safety features, in our opinion. Even if there are helmets that are a little lighter this one is still amazingly lightweight. The extra safety feature is made incredibly comfortable in the Aether thanks to the use of the industry-leading MIPS Spherical technology, which is sandwiched between the two shells. 

2. Rapha helmet

bikerumor poc rapha 6 jpg
photo by bike rumor

Rapha and POC are working together again, this time with a much more subdued product. This collaboration has already resulted in some wonderfully colorful helmets being worn by the EF Education cycling team.  The helmet lacks any additional safety features like MIPS to keep the weight as low as feasible. 

3. Kask Protone helmet 

photo by cycling weekly

According to the manufacturer, the Kask Protone helmet has some of the lowest drag and quickest heat dissipation options available.  The Protone was one of the lightest and most comfortable helmets we’d ever tested, even outweighing the Giro Synthe.  However, despite excellent ventilation, the semi-aero lid did have some breathing issues.

4. Lazer G1 Genesis helmet

Lazer Genesis G1 MIPS cycling helmet review cyclingtips 13
photo by cycling tips

The lightweight, cozy Lazer G1 Genesis helmet is secure to wear and has a clean, fashionable appearance. As with the Lazer Blade+ MIPS Helmet, the rear barrel retention cradle has a lot of vertical adjustment to customize to your unique head shape, but not much horizontal adjustment. 

5. Lazer Vento helmet

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photo by Excel sports

Since the Lazer Vento is an aero helmet, ventilation has been somewhat compromised for speed. Despite this, this helmet still performs admirably in terms of keeping your head cool when compared to other aero helmets. Although I couldn’t compare this helmet’s aerodynamics to those of other helmets, it seemed quick when I placed my head down and on the test loops I completed.

6. Giro Eclipse Spherical helmet 

giro eclipse spherical ex
photo by Velo news

The MIPS Spherical technology is used in the Giro Eclipse Spherical helmet, which we found to have a pleasant and unrestrictive fit. Even in temperatures above 35°C, the airflow was amazing and kept us cool. The straps fit without sagging, and there is room to place sunglasses in the front vents.

7. POC Ventral SPIN helmet 

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photo by Triathlon Magazine 

Due to its crossover capabilities, the POC Ventral SPIN helmet may likely be found in a few of the best road bike helmet categories.  Because of its big air vents, it also doesn’t typically resemble an aero helmet. According to POC, the innovative design made use of optimized CFD testing, which improves aerodynamic performance by lowering drag and minimizing air turbulence to assist you in riding as quickly as possible. 

8. S-Works Evade 3 helmet 

2022 s works evade 3 helmet
photo by Specialized Bicycles

 Compared to its predecessors, the Specialized S-Works Evade 3 helmet offers superior airflow and comfort without sacrificing traction.  It has more substantial front vents.  Additionally, Specialized has used a standard buckle, thinned the straps, and added MIPS Air Node, which is built into the inside padding.

9. Kask Utopia Y helmet

photo by 7hundred

The recently updated Kask Utopia Y helmet, which combines aerodynamics with a visually pleasing appearance and better comfort, is one of the best road bike helmets, in our opinion. Despite the helmet’s closed-off look, you can fine-tune the retention band’s fit to within a millimeter, ensuring a superbly snug but comfortable fit.

10. Smith ignites helmet

AG 39
photo by aero geeks

The Smith Ignite helmet is among the safest road bike helmets available since it is comfortable, unquestionably slick through the air, and loaded to the gills with safety features including Koroyd, the impact absorption element that resembles a plastic straw, and helmet safety gold standard MIPS. It features Smith’s VaporFit retention system, which offers vertical and horizontal adjustments to provide a snug fit. 

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